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These days it is hard to tell one day from another. It certainly doesn't feel like Thanksgiving. Since the early 1970's, Thanksgiving was my holiday. The family came to our house bringing side dishes and I cooked up a storm starting to prepare for it all beginning a week ahead of time striving to cook everything from scratch as my mother had before me. Well, there's no family here.

After Thanksgiving when I was finishing boiling the turkey carcass for soup, I headed outside to begin putting up Christmas decorations if it was a mild day. People are doing the same thing here already. I don't know what their hurry is. Having your fingers go numb from the cold while you are stringing the lights is not an issue here. I thought about bringing a few of our Christmas decorations from home along, but they would become an impediment after the holidays in the confined space of the motor home. I know that I will miss the hand carved wooden manger my mother brought me from Vienna, her birth city. Another unrecognizable holiday may be on the way.

The weather is wrong. Thanksgiving often included a snow flurry or two; it's 83ยบ here. The campground is very quiet. We rode our bikes around and found only a few sites that had a extra cars/golf carts parked nearby. People seem to be listening to the medical personnel imploring us to stay apart and not add to their already unbearable COVID burden in the next two weeks.

On TV we saw locals thawing out their turkeys by throwing them in the pool. I guess that could work OK if the alligator didn't beat you to it. Very Florida.

Residents here were allowed to put up signs for the recent presidential election a month before election day. They were to be taken down three days after to minimize acrimony between us. We arrived here a few days later and have no idea how many people here voted the way we did; ignorance is bliss. We hear that Thanksgiving can be a day of huge argument and discord, but have always felt fortunate that our families felt the same way we did and there was no reason to bicker. We're thankful for that and for the continued good health for everyone we love. You just can't take that for granted no matter what day it is.

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