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October 5, 2019

Very nice sunny and 70’s morning. For our record this KOA is about 3.5 miles from GJ. A VERY nice camp because it had medium stone drives, grass, trees, outside dish washing, wonderful showers with plenty of hooks, CLEAN throughout, quiet. Now you know what makes us happy in camp!

Drove into town and immediately found the RV parking about 3 blocks from Main Street. Today is the first of the Art Festival weekend. Lots of local arts and crafts, gymnasts, dance shows, soft jazz intermingled with the corner art sculptures. Lots of people out having brunch on patios with of course dogs. We first past Main Street Bagels where there must have been 20 people in line for food. Unfortunately, you had to stand in the same line for take out backery. Decided to do our tour of Main Street and the revisit. Along the way I found a great pair of walking shoes that called to me. Had only a 15-minute wait at Main Street Bakery for our bagels, sour dough bread and cookie.

Was a short ride to Big O tires where we had pressure checked. We had hope someone would know how our computer tire pressure guage plugged into our rig worked. Guy was nice but clueless.

From there we went to the Safeway and are learning to fill up the fridge! Wanted something to BBQ as it is so nice out,

125 miles to Moab where we have been twice before. Half the way was on Hwy 70 until Crescent Junction where we turned south on Hwy 191. Soon the awesome red rock canyons began to appear. Pulled into the KOA, south of Moab, a little after 4:00. We are “cheek to jowl” but a good vista view of the canyon. Will be here 3 nights for base camp in order to spend leisurely time in all the parks. WiFi sucks even with our jet pack. Our favorite park in all of our travels is Dead Horse State Park which is like a miniature Grand Canyon.

This is Art Festival Week in town so we may see the plein air and mural painting folks. We missed the chalk art contest today. Our favorite Buck’s Grill is closed. Loved that place! Instead, we will Uber into town tomorrow evening to go to Desert Bistro where we can bring our own wine.

Tonight’s dinner is Heltzer marinated flank steak, buttered potatoes and green salad. Had a taste of the 2014 Ramey Woolsey Road Vineyard (Russian River) chardonnay and a bit of 2015 Chateau Tour Christophe (Saint Emilion Grand Cru.)

Tough day! LOL

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