Mom and Dad’s fall trip 2018 travel blog

Mom standing inside the propeller of USS South Dakota

Mom standing by the anchor

Reminds me of when I was a seaman standing watch.

Mom and I standing on the Focsle of the battleship with the...

Our stay in Sioux Falls is definitely drier today. It is still cool and windy, but manageable.

We went out to the USS South Dakota museum just to find out it was closed and closed on the 30th of Sept. Mom and I took some pictures of the artifacts on the outside of the museum and were getting ready to leave and a man approached us and asked if we wanted to go into the museum? We were on it (our private tour). There are lots of items and history from the USS South Dakota. We loved it and I would go back again! Today was not a total lost of a day.

We are in the campground and I keep smelling hops being boiled like making beer, well come to find out there is brewery right across the street and I am going to check it out .

*Such a nice day. Not weather, however, brrrr so cold. Tempature around 37 but wind chill 30. Super windy. Felt like snow weather.

*We went to the USS South Dakota memorial. It closed Sept 30. So we walked around the outside and saw all the ships parts. As we were leaving the docent of the museum just arrived to pick up a dolly. He saw us and said, “You’re from WA? That’s a long way. I’ll open the museum for you. So cool!! We went in he gave a lot of info. We such a special time. So fascinating and the docent give us a lot of history.

*We went to the dollar store for plates for cakes i might bake.

*After fish tacos for dinner we went to a taproom right next to our campground. Dad tried several beers and bought a few six packs.

*Tomorrow We’re heading to St Joseph Missouri for two nights.

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