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balancing rocks

rock climbers

truck going thru tunnel

the cathedrals

mom and baby buffalo


Red Ass Winery

Nancy and Red Ass Wine

Night at Mt Rushmore

Mel with the Presidents

Due to the huge size of the area and the attractions to see in the Black Hills, we found that it will takes at least 3-4 days or longer to see it all. Plan to travel slowly over the many scenic roads and plan at least 1-2 hours per scenic highway section. It is worth the time it takes to see this beautiful country.

In the morning, we drove the Needles Highway and the Southern Wildlife Loop of Custer State Park. The Needles highway is AMAZING. You will see many Pinnacles, that have been described as “sky- piercing granite peaks” and drive through some very narrow tunnels. The tour and shuttle buses are not allowed to come here because they can’t fit through 3 of the tunnels. There are many hairpin turns. This is a Rock Climbers Dream. Along the southern road in Custer State Park, we saw several herds of Buffalo. Total number of Buffalo in the park is about 1400. We also saw the rements of the huge woods and grass fire from December 2017. The fire started in the northern part of Custer State Park and spread southward into Wind Caves National Park. It was fueled by dry grass and timber and fanned by 60 mile per hour winds. Now we see fresh green weed free prairie grass and the buffalo and antelope love it.

Before meeting up with Lorna and Meko that evening, we went to the town of Hill City and went to the Prairie Farms Winery, to get some “RED ASS RHUBARB WINE”. We couldn’t resist, since we love everything rhubarb. The name didn’t hurt either. A picture of the wine bottle is included with me working on the blog. About 5pm, we met up with Meko and Lorna, they were on a bus National Parks Tour and happened to be here at the same time. So, we went to dinner and the Lighting of The Presidents at Mt Rushmore. We didn’t get a chance to see any of the park.

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