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Carpes at Scotrun Thousand Trails

Off to a foggy start
This is I 81 near Harrisburg

Northeast of Harrisburg we "shed" I 78

Heading to the Poconos on I 81

Near Hazleton we took I 80 east

Mon, 14 May: Off to a foggy start...

We awoke to a foggy Wally parking lot. Overnite it wasn't the quietest Wally stay we've had. For some reason, at two Wally's in a row, the parking lot sweeping service was in action. Believe us, a street sweeper going by your bedroom window will get you up. In addition, the forklifts were rearranging the parking lot garden center display.

Despite the noise, we both got some good sleep. The cooler weather helped and we snuggled under our blankets enjoying the chill.

We were out of bed a bit after 0600 and got ourselves ready for the road. Today was a short day, only 160 or so miles, so there was no tearing hurry. Besides which, the longer we wait the greater the chance of the fog dispersing.

Bob finally rolled wheels around 0830 and we retraced our route to I 81 north. A dozen or so miles up the road we went thru Harrisburg, but couldn't see much of it as the fog was still hanging around. During this stretch of Interstate we observed four law enforcement actions along the side of the road. Guess they're serious about enforcement in these parts.

The fog started to thin as we progressed. We stayed on I 81 when it split from I 78 and headed north into the Poconos. We switched drivers at the half way point and Sandi took over. No sooner had she gotten settled in that the road came apart, or so it seemed. The road surface was very rough and riddled with potholes. Poor ole Carpe was shaking and every dish rattling.

Near Hazleton we transitioned to I 80 east. This highway was no better than I 81 and we shook our way forty miles to Scotrun where we exited the Interstate. A few miles north on PA 611 we found the Scotrun Thousand Trails. Chris, the Ranger, was waiting for us at the entry kiosk (he'd called earlier asking us to call him when we exited). We followed him to a large area where we disconnected Carpe Dinkum (Dinky had been connected since Woodbine Georgia) and Sandi backed Carpe into our assigned space.

We'll spend the nite here and proceed to New Jersey tomorrow. The forecast is calling for some thunderstorms later this afternoon so we're ready to "batten down the hatches" should it be necessary. Tomorrow's forecast calls for more rain, so it may be a damp drive for us in the morning.

Today's drive was an easy 163 miles with a fuel economy of 8⅛ mpg. Pennsylvania's many hills didn't help so anything over eight is good!

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