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Sandown House - the 4 bedrooms were on the 1st floor

Road in front of the house

The east side of Lake Windemere

Dry stone house

Herdswick lamb

Road view

Road view

Road view

We had the larger vehicle so he had to back up!!

The dark lines are the stone walls

Truly the road over hill and dale!!

Road view

The pub where we had lunch

Off to the narrow gauge train

Off we go from Dalegarth-for-Boot to Irton

The hills were covered with gorse (the yellow shrub)

Wastwater -England's deepest lake

One of the many stone churches

Muncaster Castle

Rhododendrons on the grounds at Muncaster

Trains from this station burn coal for their steam

Today was a sunny day in the mid to upper 60's for our all day tour through the Lake District. We made a large circle from the east side of Lake Windemere to the north end of the lake, on west almost to the Irish Sea (we could see it and vaguely the Isle of Man), back to the south end of the Lake and back around to Bowness where we started. The whole trip was like driving from one scenic postcard to another. Lovely, lovely country. The fields were all full of either hedges dividing the sheep or dry stone walls – the stone walls are hundreds of years old and no masonry, concrete or binder is used. The stones were hand cut and shaped and have stayed mostly intact all these years later. What talent those old artesians had.

The countryside was filled with these kind of fields full of Herdswick sheep. They hadn't been sheared yet so they were all fluffy and round!! The lambs are born with all back wool. As they age, their ears and face turn white and the rest of the black turns a silver gray. We saw many all black lambs jumping and running in the pastures.

After a lunch stop at a small country pub, we rode a small gauge train and then went to Muncaster Castle and explored the grounds there. There was a “birds of prey” show as they keep kites, hawks and other raptors there. The grounds are made of of acres and acres of different trees and flowers. The owners in the past have brought all kinds and colors of rhododendrons and they were all in full bloom.

The roads we traveled were very, VERY narrow and seemed to be only 1 vehicle wide. When we meet anyone coming from the opposite direction, many times one or the other had to back up to find a wide place in the road where they could pass each other. Beings as this road was in the fells (foothills), curvy and so side rail on the straight down the mountain side, finding such a spot was iffy!! We went through passes with names like Hardknott and Wrynose.

After returning us to our rental house (Sandown), we rested and regrouped for a while and then made our way to a local pub for our evening meal. Tomorrow our friend from Formby, England (which is about 80 miles away) and her friend Pat are taking the train up and will spend a couple of days with us. Their B&B is right across the road and up a little from our place so it will be handy to get together.

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