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The new blinds cut 90% of the sun, & they rolls up...

Here is the "water feature" I promised you!

We have been pretty busy since I chatted with you last. Lots of appointments to get things done, so it's been a busy couple of weeks. So much has happened and been accomplished its hard to know where to start.

The new Mitsubishi AC unit is installed in the living area of the Casita. It works like a champ, and cools the whole casita easily. We found out that the building itself is built very well, with lots of insulation. The AC installers were surprised, and pointed it out to us. I'm sure many of the buildings around here are not built to that standard. Good to know. We know that has God provided a nice place for us.

The new exterior roll up blinds are installed, and they work well to off-set the sun and heat on the patio. It seems a bit strange to be fighting against the heat and sun. At home you are trying to keep warm, and down here we are trying to keep cool. It takes a new way of thinking for me.

Macgyver has been busy fixing things. The faucet in the kitchen sink (in the casita) was leaking so Spike took it apart, and it was one of those little jobs that turned into a 4 hour repair job. He took it apart more than once to remove all of the calcification that was in it. That seems to be a big problem down here, The hard water leaves its residue behind. There is a water softener installed and it does provide softened water to the Casita and to both RV sites. But the water still tastes terrible, so we got a reverse osmosis water system installed for the drinking water. Its either that or needing to continually buy bottled water, or import it from home!

We also have a "water feature", which is an old style pump with water that flows into an old well. (I'll take a picture for you, as it is hard to visualize)But of course it didn't work correctly, so Macgyer worked on the pump, which was leaking, and got it fixed. It is kind of soothing to hear the water flowing.

The sprinkler system timer was also in sad shape and required replacement, so Spike got that changed out too. Looks like some of the sprinkler hose has lost its battle with the sun, so that will also need work. I'm learning that the sun is very hard on everything, including me!

Habitat for humanity came to pick up our ancient old refrigerator, and I purchased a new one at Lowes. And I got a good deal too, on a close out. So, oh Happy day, we have lots of ice (another must for the desert)and lots of refer space. Such a wonderful luxury to have! And just in time for Thanksgiving.

Butch and Julie are staying the month with us and have been so helpful. Butch has become our landscaping guy. He has been pruning our very two overgrown fruit trees,(which have thorns, who knew citrus trees had thorns? We didn't.)as there are lots of dead branches on the inside of the trees. The birds like the dead branches to build their nests, but it isn't good for the tree. Butch has been pulling weeds, and trimming the palm trees too. Yes, there is still yard work to do in the desert.

Spike has just about finished the painting. The ceilings and walls are all done, except for the laundry room area, which we will do next year, as there is lots of big stuff to cover and move. Anyway, Spike did an excellent prep and paint job. I always forget what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes. We had some leftover interior paint from home, so he brought that with us, so all we have had to buy so far is ceiling paint. The walls are now cream, and pale yellow. Re-painting the cabinets is next. And then the baseboards and woodwork, which now look kind of sad in comparison to the walls.

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