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Annika and me

Annika and sister

Honey :-)


Parasailing (not me though)

Lonely island


Me in front of an old Kauri tree

Driving on 90 mile beach

View south from 90 mile beach

View from the water back to the dunes at 90 mile beach

View north from 90 mile beach

Me at 90 mile beach

Quite beautiful, right? (90 M. beach)

The bus-driver digging for shelfish


Wide beach, and good for driving! Recreational highway...

Unique skys

View north from 90 mile beach, in part shadow

YES! It's a Ford

Crazy bus ride

Huge sand dunes to the left, and swamp to the right


This is a very very big sand dune

I went sandboarding right here! It was so cool

Stop before you hit the shark and very unpleasant plants...

Looks pretty nice

This is sandboarding.. Imagine that from the BIG dunes

A wet road

Tapotupotu Bay

Tapotupotu Bay

Tapotupotu Bay

Just me again :-)

Water drowning my camera

Small rock up close

Cape Reinga, northern tip of New Zealand

The most spiritual place for the Maori people, the lonely tree at...

The three kings

Me.. with grass in front of the camera...

Cape Maria

Lighthouse at Cape Reinga

North Cape 30 miles away

Me and the lighthouse

Solarpower rocks!

Huge Kauri tree, and me

St. Pauls Anglican Church

St. Pauls Anglican Church

Hi again!

New Zealand ROCKS! (Have I said that before?) But it really does. Now that I finally left Auckland behind to explore the other treats of the North Island, I see that it was not a moment too soon. Tuesday morning, quite early, I jumped on a Kiwi Experience bus and headed up north to Paihia. The trip was fast and very beautiful, with a very talkative driver.. (They never shut up!)

Paihia is a small but cosy town in the Bay of Islands, which consists of about 144 islands of various size. The area is, in summer, a lot like Fiji and other paradise areas, but right now it's still spring and therefor the water is only about 16 degrees Celsius. But no worries, mate! Even though you would be crazy to jump in, it does look inviting... :-)

Yesterday I went on a trip to the far north and took in some awesome sights, just look at the photos and you know what I mean. Especially 90 mile beach and Cape Reinga. Now about that fairly long and quite wide 90 mile beach, in the old days nobody knew just how long it was so people asked a guy with a lot of cows, who often took them south for selling, how long time it took the cows to walk the hole beach. It's not difficult math, because cows walk about 30 miles pr. day, and it took them about 3 days, so the beach must be 90 miles long. Easy!

But no.. The cows cheated, the beach is only 64 miles long... How about that!

Just a silly story, but true none the less.

By the way, you can drive on the beach and it's classified as a "recreational highway" so yes, there is a speed limit.. Although several speed records of about 250 mph has been set on the beach around 1930 :-)

After 90 mile beach we drove to the giant sand dunes further up north, and then lay down on some sort of surfboard and off we went! And pretty fast too!!!

The trick is to stop before you hit something or someone, and the breaks is your poor feet. It was extremely fun, and I climbed the dunes three times! Perhaps it does not sound like much, but see the photos and how big thees dunes really are, and three times is a LOT! But it was really fun sliding down it.

After that we went to Cape Reinga, the tip of New Zealand where the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. It's also a very religious place and sacred to the Maori people. Cool experience.

Next thing was the Kauri forest. Kauri trees are not the tallest in the world, but they are the largest in wood mass. The grow very very thick and tall, and does not thin up in the top at all! They get about 4000 years old, but the oldest in the country is only 800 years old and still a baby... Only a few forests are left, so DOC does a lot to protect them.

Last event of the day was Fish & Chips as New Zealanders call Fush & Chups. Not Cod, but Blue Nose fish, very delicate and tasty!

That's about it, for now.

Thanks for checking it out! :-)


PS. There are now 736 pictures on the website, so enjoy! LOL

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