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Traveling to the glades SR471

Sunset view from our front window

Moon over the “sugar Shack”

Is there a Doctor in the House...

Calling for his armored car

Himalayan Florida cows?.... him-a-layin out in the field

Lots of large open grazing areas


Ortona campground COE rv park

Entrance to the Ortona locks




Solomon’s Castle






Florida skeeter

Caloosahatchee River seen from our camp ground marina


New Years bonfire with our new friends



Well here it is another year has passed and we want to take this time to reflect and share with all our friends and family just how grateful we feel to have you in our lives. If you had asked us a year and half ago what would we doing in 2018 neither of us would have said living out a dream in a motorhome. Yet here we are having been blessed to travel meeting all kinds of new folks and seeing some places that have amazed us both.

We do understand it came as a “your doing what” kind of reaction once we shared with family and friends of our intentions. We want to thank all our family and dear friends whom we feel have given us their support and blessings. We won’t say it’s been easy to leave behind our home and loved ones, but we know we can return anytime we want and that’s what makes these adventures special. Now on to less mushy stuff and here is what we’ve been up to lately.

We had an amazing time with our family Anita & Bob and give many thanks for the wonderful hospitality. We packed up leaving Paradise Oaks RV Resort and began our trek further south on December 28. After about four hours travels we arrived at The Glades RV Resort ( Lake Okeechobee area). So far we have chosen to stay off the BIG highways taking mostly back scenic travels. We saw miles and miles of fruit fields of oranges, grapefruit, and peaches. A far cry from the BIG city landscapes of high rises and concrete.

Once we got settled in we took a short couple of rides around the area to get our bearings. Closest town west of here is a small town called Labelle FL. This is where we’ve restocked on supplies. Even found a small radio shack where we were able to pickup a needed speaker cable to replace the one in the bedroom that finally gave out.

Our first venture out was to find a castle that Herk had suggested we look up. The castle is called Solomon’s Castle between Bradenton Fl & Arcadia FL. The ride was about a hour and a half NW from our location. Our tour guide advised no pictures allowed inside. We will share the ones we did take. We visited the home, galleries and workshop of internationally renowned artist Howard Solomon, and enjoy a delightful lunch at the Boat in the Moat Restaurant. We also toured his recently opened antique car exhibit. Great way to spend the day! An amazing trip and well worth a look see if every in the area.

On to our next adventure “The Seminole Casino “ in Immokalee Fl about a 45 minute ride. Must say as a new visitor and getting the players card awarded us with $20 of play money each and $20 voucher for a meal each. Once we got past all the excitement and noise, lights, people we toured around looking for that one slot machine that said play me...Deb found her’s first $1.00 slot and after her second coin came the excitement for it was called the wheel of fortune and around it went landing on a $30 return. Not bad return, as we were playing with our gifted $20. We ventured around playing different games winning some loosing some. Decided on using our free meal voucher had a reasonably good meal. Deb suggested we go back to our first slot machine and to our amazement I played the exact slot and the wheel began to spend landing me a $100 return. Deb played again and landed another $40. We counted our blessing and left with more than we arrived with.

We have been pretty much staying close to the park as the weather has taken a cool dive with rain on and off. We took a short drive and had the chance to visit the Ortona Campground located at Caloosahatchee River portion of the Okeechobee Waterway. There are a lot of boat locks for traveling from Fort Myers to Lake Okeechobee located at Ortona campground. This is a Corps of Engineers park that we would love to have gotten into, but was pretty much booked.

Our New Years was fun as we met our neighbors Kris & Marie and spent the evening sharing a great bonfire and nice bottle of wine, under a beautiful full moon. “Happy New Year” “New Year * New Dreams”

Weather forecasts back to mid 70’s for next week so we have plans to head to the gulf “Fort Myers” area for a few days and visit Santa Belle Island and hoping to spend some time with friends LuAnn & Steve. Weather constrained our visit with them this past week. That about wraps up this update so let us wish all a new year blessing with warm temperatures soon and much sunshine....

P.s. Tom would like to add if this is global warming he would hate to see it when it gets cold...

Love to all


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