Following Hurricane Matthew - Winter 2017 travel blog

It was a bit of a shock to find that we had to scrape the frost off the windshield before we could start driving this morning. Once we got past Nashville, the roads were fairly empty and we made good time, getting home well before sunset. As always the house felt a bit like a mansion after a month in the motor home. After doing a little math we concluded that the drive home cost us about $160 including hotel, far less than an airline ticket for one of us. Of course, there is the cost of spending two days confined in a car, but we're geezers; we have the time. Here's hoping that the drive back south after the holidays is equally uneventful. Further north and east people are having all kinds of wintry weather. One of these days that will be here as well.

Unless something worthy of comment happens in the next few weeks, we'll enjoy life with friends and family as we hope our readers will do as well. We'll let you know when our travel adventures resume.

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