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the Pinnacles

Kiya the bottlenose dolphin at Monkey Mia

feeding the pink snapper

Where we having travelled

Pelican at Monkey Mia

swimming with the whale sharks

We are in WA Ningaloo reef. We are staying here for a week and three days which is ten days. We  went on a whale shark tour. On our first time we went in the water we saw a three metre groper and Pufferfish. On the way to the VERY deep water we saw dolphins and turtles.Then we heard a call that there was a whale shark. When I got in the water it was 8 metres long

Then we saw a another whale shark with its mouth open that was a meter wide. And it is the BIGGEST fish in the world.

After that we had rested for while then we saw humpback whales

On the way back we had one more snorkle and we saw a turtle. At the very end we got toy whale sharks that 6 times its normal size. Today we are going to oyster stacks for a little while and we saw a ray and lost of fish. Then we went back to our beach and we fished and we caught a shovel nosed ray but we released it. We are going to turquoise bay. The water was pretty cold. About 5 meters deep we saw a turtle and a longtom and a GIANT parrot  fish. My mum & dad went for another snorkle and saw three turtles, groper and two reef shark's. Then a big thunderstorm came while we were swimming  at our beach and i saw five stingray, turtle and fish and one stingray came right next to me so got out of the water and went back to my campsite whith my uncle.

Today we are heading to Coral Bay and dropping off our uncle off at the airport. We are in Coral Bay for five days. It has a pool, playground and a jumping pillow. For morning tea we went to the bakery and my mum saw one of hers friend's mum and dad and then we spent time with them. We went four wheel drivung kn the beach, snorkling, fishing with our friends at Turtle Cliffs and we caught a Eightbar grouper and then we caught it again so realest it but it face planted on the rock. We decided to go to another place and caught a 40cm tuskfish and a Chinaman. On the way back we ran down a big sandune. It was epic! Mum and dad decided that our friends would take care of us for the night and they gave us ice cream, burgers and taught us a card game  named 'May I'.

We are leaving Coral Bay and going to Monkey Mia were all the bottlenose dolphins are. So we had a go at feeding them. There were about 160 people there but on the second turn Emily and I got to feed a wild dolphin named Kiya. Up close, I saw she had rows and rows of teeth. She was very friendly. For Emilys bithday she got a hat, singlet, sunglass and 70 dollars. In the afternoon we watching  dolphins chasing fish up and down the shore. Then we had a lovely dinner at the bar watching Whitten football and ate chocolate cake. To finish the day we watch home alone. For father's day we gave him two chocolate bars and two cards. I went down to the beach two see dolphins but I only got to see two dolphins. Today we camped at a free spot next to a fire.

We are now in Perth and fly to Bali for 8 days tomorrow. I can't wait!

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