Our Adventure in Spain and Portugal 2015 travel blog

Fueling up as we return to Seville

Waiting to check in at the Seville Airport

Our prop jet

Looking for our seats

A magnificent sunset is reflected in the turboprop

Another long wait to get a taxi

A place to eat. It's 10PM!

Nice Spaghetti Bolognese

Our hotel entrance. Very "Art Deco"

The lobby


Artifacts from the original hotel

The lobby bar and breakfast room


An old hotel billing machine from NCR

The staircase down. Where is Alfred?

Our room with the terrace

Very Art Deco


View of the city from our terrace

Lisbon, Portugal

Yesterday (Friday, Oct. 2) was a crazy and tiring day with a few terrifying parts - like when we took the left fork in the road on the way out of Granada instead of the right fork. This lead to an around-and-around the city route to get out on to the highway. The long road trip to Seville was uneventful and exciting on freeways at 120 k/hr. We had just a bit of a go around again at the airport as we missed the car rental return, but we returned the car and arrived far too early for our airline counter to open. We did not know the “rules” but there was a long line formed 2 hours ahead of our departure time and sure enough, as we stood in the back of the line, TAP (the Portuguese Airline) began to assign seats and accept baggage. It was a long wait and we got to the gate just in time to board out prop jet for the one hour trip to Lisbon. After walking at least a mile (we are not kidding here) through the huge Lisbon airport from where the bus that brought us in from the plane, we had another 30 minute+ wait for a taxi to get us to our Hotel Britannia. By 10 PM (with a one-hour “fall back” time change) we were starving and found a small restaurant just down the street from our hotel and were able to relax after a very tiring day. Being a traveler is a lot of work. Assembling the memories (even the at-the-time frightening ones) and looking at the photographs makes up for all that work and we are so pleased to share this with all of you, who travel with us from your armchairs.

We slept late today and explored our hotel which is the last “Art Deco” hotel in Lisbon. Our room on the 6th floor has a fairly large terrace that looks out over the city, and has all the markings of the 1920’s motif in a well engineered structure. Sometimes when a hotel becomes a designer’s paradise, the function falls to the form. Hotel Britannia has both form and function. Enjoy the photographs including the stairway shot that looks like it came from an Alfred Hitchcock movie

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