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Day 6 - may I introduce to you our guest blogger for today Miss Rachel K Smith.

After an absent animal sounding sleep we decided to go in search of a guide to take us on a jungle trek, after speaking to a man who spoke to a man who spoke to another man we managed to track down jungle Jim (AKA Paco) after dressing appropriately in short shorts, trainers and small tops (obvious jungle attire!) we followed Paco into the abyss.

After an hour (we only had two hours!) and loosing much faith in Paco - we had seen a Mexican chicken and heard a cow. Then came some some awkward bird noises made by Paco (sounding like 'carrrooot carrrooot') we trekked down the illusive toucan - all be it a fleeting glance! A toucan seemed to start our spell of wildlife fortune, next was a moonwalking MJ bird which Paco was very excited about, then came many lesser birds of names we cannot remember and the odd parrot. Moving onto the finale the howler monkey - not one but three and a hummingbird thrown in for good luck! Two awkward hours with Paco and it was apparent he was more at one with nature than the human race and not a very good timekeeper! We arrived back with 7 minutes to shower, pack and check out and onto the next bus.

With anticipation of a new destination 'San Cristobel De La Casas' and an expected journey time of three hours we settled down in second class (ghetto style!) Three hours in and flick and I realised that maybe the lady at the bus terminal had meant our journey time was 5 hours not our arrival time was 5pm as it was now 6pm! The roads wound on and on and up and up and over a million and one speed bumps, rather a nauseous journey.

After 6 hours not 5, a packet of crisps, three rather disgusting soggy marshmallow biscuits the journey was over and we arrived in a rather chilly San Cristobel. We flagged down a taxi to our hostel and were told that our luxurious ensuite private room was not available and were therefore housed in a Harry Potter type set up in the attic and worse still they told us the restaurants would all be closing within the next half hour because we had arrived so late. This was very sad news as we had been drooling ober the potential of pulled pork for the last three hours on the bus! However map in hand guided by Flick we made our way to a small friendly Argentinian eatery and a choripan was our choice meal!

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