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Near Stewart

Glaciers near Stewart

We checked out Prince George briefly before leaving this morning. While it is a nice town, it has paper mills and that unmistakeable smell that accompanies them. As we started north to Stewart, we finally got our first taste of Alaska (though we are still in Canada). We had some rain, and the temperatures fell into the 60s and 70s. We saw our first bear foraging by the side of the highway - a small black bear. Sorry, we were going too fast to get pix. We arrived in Stewart this afternoon, and it has drizzled rain since before we got here. We set up the camper in a mild drizzle while mosquitoes feasted on us. On the way in, we got a couple of photos of the glaciers on the mountainside. The glaciers are beautiful, the pix not so much, because it was very cloudy. Right now the snow is still melting, and there are beautiful waterfalls everywhere. The river is right behind our campground, and it has the wildness of spring thaw.

The scenery has been amazing, and we did not make it to Alaska yet. Yesterday a fabulous bald eagle flew out of the hills right toward us. Steve was driving and almost ran off the road. We concluded the vultures are paying the eagles to produce road kill for them, and it was almost us. Haven't seen a moose or caribou yet, but we still have time.

We have been told we will be throttled or denied access if we try to upload photos or videos, so I will wait until closer to the end of our stay at this campground to attempt it (just in case they are not making empty threats).

Hope your Tuesday is full of wonder.

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