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Today was a mostly driving day. Although the roads were good, it seemed to take longer than it should. We had to stop for sections of one lane road as the other side was being repaired. Then we came to the Canso Causeway, which connects Cape Breton Island to the rest of Nova Scotia. A large commercial ship was moving though the passage and the bridge rotated and swung out of the way. It felt like it took half an hour, but it probably was not nearly that long. The stop for diesel also took too long. There was only one pump and someone left their truck in front of it to do who knows what for much too long. In the meantime our 62 foot length pretty much tied up the rest of the traffic flow at the station. When you are buying sixty gallons it's nice to use a high speed pump, but there was nothing speedy about this one. However, we only paid $.98C/liter. Get out your calculator to figure out the price/gallon in US$.

Then a voice came on the portable radio asking for Adventure 22, which is the number pasted on our motor home and towed. These numbers make it easy to spot other caravan members and know who is who. By now we know the voices of our fellow travelers, but we did not recognize this one. We wondered who would know that our radios were on channel 6. It turned out to be a rig that had traveled to Alaska with Adventure Travel last summer and recognized our big yellow stickers. We chatted as we waited for a lane closure to open and when they named the tail gunners they had traveled with and we said they were the same tail gunners from our trip, they were thrilled. We told them we planned to stop to buy a wire that Ken could use to repair the connection between the motor home and towed. When Ken steps on the brakes or turns on a turn signal, both vehicles should flash. Our mystery caller said that he was an electrician by profession and he followed us to the mall and help Ken make the repair. By then the tail gunner caught up to us and there was a joyous reunion. We invited our new friends to stay at tonight's campground with us and join the daily social. And so they did.

The temperatures have risen a lot and as the numbers went up to 90ยบ, we realized that the dashboard A/C isn't working all that well. This was the first time all summer we put it to the test. Ken thinks a recharge should take care of it, but we may not have time to stop for this any time soon. One problem fixed; another occurs. It can be hard to keep up. The satellite dish is capturing nearly all the channels it should once again. We must be getting close to the border.

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