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Carpes at Thousand Trails Verde Valley

We took AZ 51 thru Phoenix
It was much easier on the nerves...

Mountains in Phoenix along AZ 51

Near Scottsdale we picked up the 101 loop

And finally to I 17 near Deer Valley

North of Phoenix on I 17

Climbing on I 17
Blooming Yellow Palo Verde (Arizona's State Tree)

Sagauro cactus along I 17 north of Phoenix

Descending into the Verde Valley on I 17

Exiting I 17 at AZ 260 to Cottonwood

Thousand Trails has its own road

Welcome to Thousand Trails Verde Valley

Drone's-eye view of Verde Valley RV
Carpes are in the lower center of...

Verde Valley sits on bluff above the Verde River

At 2 A.M. our toilet flush pedal broke
We'd had lots of trouble...

Bob cleans toilet area before installing new toilet

New Dometic toilet installed

Sun, 12 Apr: We're finally "outta heah!"

Our winter sojourn in Casa Grande is at an end. We arrived in late September and had a wonderfully laid-back winter. We took numerous side trips, always returning to RoVer's Roost and our leased lot. Today we bade farewell to all for the summer. Enough of these ninety degree days with three digit temperatures not too far in the future.

We pulled out of our leased lot right around eight and Bob pulled Carpe to the propane filling station where we topped off the internal tank. At $1.55/gallon RoVer's Roost's price is unbeatable.

While Bob hooked up the car Sandi settled our bill at the office. In addition to the LP we just bought, we also owed for our electric usage. With the warmer weather the bill was $44 for the month, quite a bit higher than our winter bills.

Then it was hugs and good-byes. Randy & Margo Cannon, Swanee Haddack, Domingo & Carmen Davila, Dan & Pat Rosas, Charlie Velardi, and many others came by to wish us a safe and healthy summer (and us to them in return).

Bob rolled wheels about half past eight and we headed thru Casa Grande to Interstate 10 west to Phoenix. There is just no way around it, if you want to go from Casa Grande north you must drive thru Phoenix. This is the main reason we left on a Sunday, traffic is almost sane.

We decided to take a different route today. Instead of staying on I 10 to I 17, we exited on AZ 51 north to the 101 loop west which connected with I 17 north of Phoenix in Deer Valley. It was a few miles farther, but the stress factor was a fraction of I 17. We'll most probably make this our primary route in the future.

Once on I 17 we switched drivers and Sandi continued north on I 17. Other than some hilly stretches and a group of crazed hot rod drivers, the drive was uneventful. We descended into the Verde Valley near Camp Verde where we exited the interstate on AZ 260. West about eight miles to Thousand Trails Road where we disconnected Dinkum in a convenient turnout.

Bob drove the car ahead and got us registered. He then went on a "hunting expedition" looking for an available site. Thousand Trails allows you to reserve a spot, but finding a spot is a completely different animal. He finally found a gem of a spot with clear sky views for Dish and solar. It is only steps from the clubhouse and laundry.

We were settled in shortly after noon after a short 158 mile drive. The mountains north of Phoenix ate into our fuel economy, but we still logged a respectible 7½ mpg.

Thu, 16 Apr: Unscheduled maintenance and good friends...

Thus far our week in Cottonwood has been pretty busy. Monday we stayed at home getting our tax returns ready to mail into the InFernal Revenue "Service". It is not our favorite task, especially when checks must be written. Ugh!

Tuesday we drove to the Cottonwood Post Office to mail aforementioned tax documents. We're old-fashioned enough to still file our returns by mail. After the Post Office we grabbed an early lunch and then some shopping at Wal*Mart. The Cottonwood Wally was the scene of a police shootout a few weeks back. The end result for RVers is that their lot is now posted as No Parking/Camping. Another example of how bad behavior on the part of a few adversely affects the majority.

Wednesday turned out to be a "crappy" day. At two in the morning, during one of our nocturnal bladder runs, the pedal that flushes our toilet broke. Result, the toilet could not be flushed. We figured out how to flush it by hand, but it was a real pain and not something we cared to live with very long.

So, once morning came Bob researched RV toilets and learned that a Dometic 320 toilet was a direct replacement for the installed Thetford toilet. The toilet was our second Thetford, and was fewer than two years old. A real "crappy" toilet...

We learned that the Camping World west of Flagstaff had the Dometic unit in stock, so we drove Dinkum up to Flagstaff and bought a new toilet. With the assistance of the helpful Camping World salesman (yes, their are a few) we shoehorned the new toilet into the back seat.

Once back home we prepared to remove the old toilet. That was easy, and gave us an opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of that area of our bath. The new toilet went in with no problems whatsoever, everything fit just fine. In less than an hour our new unit was installed and the old toilet in the dumpster. The Dometic appears to be a much better unit and we look forward to a long relationship.

Yesterday, Thursday, long-time friends and Prescott denizens Ron & Chris Mayer arrived for a visit. They just bought a brand new Class C Winnebago and the dealer threw in a one-year Thousand Trails membership. They wanted to check out the Verde Valley Preserve, hence their visit.

We had a late lunch at the Homestyle Café which is located in the clubhouse. They have a nice lunch menu and everyone found something that appealed to them. Nobody left hungry. After a tour of the Preserve we returned to the coach and got caught up. As always, we find visiting with folks as we roam the country one of the biggest positives of our RVing lifestyle

Which brings us to today. Nothing of any importance is on our agenda so, hopefully, it'll be a quiet day. We'll make a Wally victualing run, but other than that we're looking forward to catching up on our retirement duties (reading, napping, etc...)

We will remain here for another week and then continue north. We're looking forward to cooler days and snuggle-under-the-blankets nites. Other than some sightseeing in nearby Jerome, Prescott, and Sedona, it'll be pretty much samo-samo. Stay tuned...

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