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Italian Border Stop

Old Border Post

Up & away early for the last few miles to the Italian border. Heavy traffic meant slow progress getting through the outskirts of Nice & on past Monte Carlo on the mountain roads. I would have liked to have roared through the tunnel in Monte Carlo like the boy racers yesterday but getting down into Monte Carlo looked to be a challenge in a motorhome like ours so discretion won the day. Maybe if Viv hadn't been sitting beside me clutching the arm rests every time we went round a tight bend overlooking a sheer drop or made our way slowly through narrow, traffic filled streets, I might have gone for it. I do need to keep my food provider & cook happy.

The train station in Monte Carlo is cut out right up inside a mountain. The train goes into a long tunnel & the station is a just a large cavern formed inside the rock. Then there is a series of escalators & tunnels taking pedestrians down to the street level below. Very impressive construction work.

The driving today demanded constant attention as we were driving along the barrow coastal roads which wound their way up & down around the craggy capes & bays. We stopped at the old border post between France & Italy to find a number of motorhomes apparently parked up there. We just stopped for coffee before plunging on into Italy. If we hadn't seen the sign at the border we wouldn't have known we were in Italy till we stopped in a small town to stock up at a Lidl's store. There the cashier said "Buon Giorno" or something like that.

The roads & the driving were pretty much the same all the way to Genoa, our proposed stopping place for the night. The one noticeable difference here in Italy is the tremendous increase in the number of scooters buzzing all around on the roads.

Genoa, the birth place of Christopher Columbus, did not impress as we got clogged up in the traffic & complicated road system as soon as we hit the outskirts. Our stopping place for the night was tucked away to the side of a petrol station on the Northern outskirts which meant we had to drive right through the city from the port & up out to the North. The Aires in Italy are called Sostas but unlike France, where a lot are free or very cheap, the Italian Sostas all appear to charge around €10 a night. The one we are staying on in Genoa is only €8 & includes electricity & water free which is pretty good

Mileage today - 140

Total Mileage to date - 1,146

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