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Don't know if this is a sunrise or sunset but guessing sunset...

Love the new city sign. Quartzsite was the home of camels during...

This business was right next to the propone business whose name was...

Lots of homeless, hitchhikers, drifters, and Rainbow People.

Of course we visited the naked bookseller. (He's the one on the...

Popular mode of transportation out here.

Some of the guys visited the Quartzsite Yacht Club.

How's this for getting around?

Kite flying machine over our campsite.

Gold miners working their claim.

Our little spot in the desert.

These guys flew so low over our heads, they had to pull...

One of 3 blimps going over our heads on their way to...

Another beautiful sunset.

We were not alone in the desert.

Inside the big tent at the RV show.

Hiking on a trail near our campsite.

They found a cave but were afraid to go too far in.

Some of the hikers.

Rustie and Ed climbed almost to the top of Dome Rock Mtn.

The crew at the tomb of Hi Jollly, the camel driver.

Here are the girls just before our climb up Palm Canyon.

And the guys at Palm Canyon.

I'm leading the way on the trail up to Palm Canyon. This...

On our way up the canyon.

The palms were growing in a crevice of the mountain.

The girls taking a break.

View from the top

Rustie the Explorer.

Enjoying a meal in the desert.

Ed and Tim getting ready for a bike ride in the desert.

Anyone want to have dinner with this guy? I don't think so.

The great shopping area at Tyson Wells.

New advertising technique - a manequin waving a sign.

How many should I buy?

Here's the entire crew.

Part of our little camping compound

We set off a Chinese lantern high in the sky.

Making a wish before liftoff of the Chinese lantern.

Great way to end the evening with a campfire.

After leaving San Diego, we spent a week at one of favorite Coast to Coast Parks, Emerald Cove, right on the Colorado River in Earp, California (just across the River from Parker, AZ). We spent the week with nice weather biking, lounging in the spa and pool, and I’m not sure what else we did, but the week went by awfully fast so we must have been busy. We did find time to visit the casino in Parker and both came back winners for a change. The park was 2/3 full and we met and chatted with several couples from all over the State of Michigan. I guess we are not alone in getting away from all that cold and snow.

We arrived in Quartzsite, AZ (another one of our favorite camping places) several days ahead of the big RV show to discover that a lot of other folks were already here. We were afraid our “favorite” campsite would be taken, but it was still available so we crawled our way over the desert to “our” little piece of heaven. I know I have mentioned this before, and some of you have been out here so you know, but you can camp anywhere you want on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands for free for 14 days, or if you want, you can stay at the Long Term BLM land for $100 for 6 months. It is all dry camping (no hookups), but so worth the inconvenience because of the scenery and feeling of “real” camping. Of course, there are only 50,000 or so other Rvs also camping in the desert, but you still feel like you have your own place in the desert. The vistas are breathtaking and we always enjoy it here so much.

We were joined in the desert first by Dale and Karen from West Branch who stayed with us for a few days and as always, we had a good time eating, playing Joker and shopping at the RV Tent and the Vendors booths. Dale bought some of the best kettle corn we have ever had and we munched on that for several days (until Karen got hungry in the middle of the night and finished off the bag! HaHa). Then my sister Sally and her husband Bob from Michigan, and my brother Steve from Phoenix, drove over to spend a few days with us. Sally and Bob slept in their tent (don’t know how they did that over all the rocks) and Steve had his trustee ol’ popup camper that was able to make one more trip.

And finally, we were joined by 4 couples who escaped from Michigan winter and though they left within a day or two of each other, they all arrived on the same day in Quartzsite, except for one couple who had RV trouble in Albuquerque and to our surprise, arrived the next day with a new trailer! We all had a great time enjoying the beautiful sunsets, visiting the RV show, shopping in the vendors market, eating, drinking, playing games, hiking, biking, rock hounding and sharing the campfires. One of our friends found a fairly substantial piece of quartz crystal which he promptly gave to Rustie who was so excited she thought she had died and gone to heaven.

We got buzzed one afternoon by some crazy guys flying in one of those kite machines who were about 50 feet above our heads and had to pull up to avoid hitting our motorhome! We also saw 3 blimps flying right over our campsite on their way to Phoenix for either the Super Bowl or the Phoenix Open. Pretty cool. The weather was great except for one day when the winds threatened to blow everything to the next State. The last night we were there we released 2 of those Chinese wish lantern thingies and we all made a wish before we let it go. They went really high and looked like they were on their way to the moon, but we found them the next morning out in the desert not too far from our campsite. I don’t think it affected our wishes though as I wished for good times with our friends and so far that is exactly what is happening.

Hope all your wishes come true too.

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