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Children of community singing

Clay Lick & Community (May 20)

Our plan today was to travel on the river to the site of the clay lick where hundreds of parrots come to lick the mineral rich soil. These birds instinctively know that some of the berries and fruits they eat have toxins that are poisonous and even more amazing, they know that the minerals in the soil will counteract this poison! We arose early to catch the flock as it descended on the side of the hill. However, before these wise birds come down, they scan the territory to check for predators. If they see the “coast is clear” they come in for their “medicine.” However today was a predator day and we saw the flock fly over the site and then depart. It would have been a great, colorful photo opportunity, but that’s nature. However, as were headed to another possible clay lick site, we encountered a pack of monkeys swinging in the trees close to the river bank.

Freddy then took us to his Kuichwa Community where we saw the children in their school, visited their farm and had a typical lunch, before shooting with a blow gun.

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