Heather and Gary in Europe - Spring 2014 travel blog

This is a view of the "new" Sunfold (Heather's parents old house)...

The only recognizable corner of the former bungalow.

Tuesday April 15

We began the morning having breakfast with Richard and Pat enjoying the view over the fields from their breakfast table window. It was a lovely sunny day.

Later in the morning we drove to Cardigan and parked in the area behind the Market Hall. Within two minutes of parking the car, the first person we saw was Mary Kate who recognized us from our 'local pub' at Pen y Bryn. We chatted for a while and then said we would see her and the other folks at the pub on Thursday night. It was quite funny to meet someone we knew so soon after arriving in town.

We then walked to the HSBC where we met with Julie Williams in her office and talked about banking and our travel plans for Europe so that she could place a marker in the computer with respect to our planned credit card use. Next we tried to find a computer store that we used to use as our Internet cafe: it had moved again but was not open. We stopped for a sit down and a cup of coffee, then bought ourselves a picnic lunch to eat at the seafront at Gwbert. After lunch, we drove to Colin and Jeanette's new house for a visit and a cup of tea.

Before returning to Pat and Richard's we took some photos of the new house where Sunfold used to be. The new owners have changed the house almost entirely. Only the south-east corner remains as it was and the entire bungalow is now a two storey house!

Later in the evening we drove to Colin and Jeanette's for dinner. We had a lovely meal and good conversation and the evening just flew by. Their new home is very nice and they also have a large garden space which is mostly, as yet, unplanted. The two of them, especially Jeanette, will have a great time designing their garden on this nearly blank 'canvas'.

Back at Pat and Richard's house, we watched the news and prepared a load of laundry before going to bed.

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