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Today's route

Sheep with their winter coats

Jot Em Down Rd.

Pink Panthers at a tile store

Pigs selling BBQ

Pizza Man selling Papa John's - I wonder if Peyton would do...

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Franklin War Memorial in Thomaston, GA

Quotes Seen at the Franklin War Memorial

General George S. Patton

Missle at a car repair shop

F22 Raptor at South Georgia Technical College

Winnie at the Brickyard Plantation Golf Course and RV Park

Pond where they found the brick factory

Pro shop/mule shed

After a very cold week (2 nights with the temps at about 10 F), we decided to head south again rather than head home in search of some warmer weather. We’ll probably end up on the west coast of Florida around Crystal River.

Our route today followed US 19 except for a run on I285 around Atlanta and short period of time to get back on track after I missed the US 19 exit from I285. Along US 19 a sign for Jot Em Down Road caught our eye. When we travel we listen to Radio Classics on Sirius satellite radio at night when there’s nothing on TV. Every once in a while they play the “Lum and Abner Show”. These old Arkansas hillbillies were the owners of the Jot Em Down Store in a fictional town in Arkansas. Apparently the name, Jot Em Down Store, was a popular name for general stores in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It referred to the store owner or clerk jotting down the customer's purchase requests, and then retrieving them for the customer. Not sure how this road got the name, but it appears there is an unincorporated town by the name of Jot Em Down Store in Pierce County in south eastern Georgia where there was a Jot Em Down Store which was a local feed and seed store that acted as a general store for the farmers in the area. When the farmers met hard times in the late 80's to early 90's, the store was forced to close. Wikipedia is amazing.

While passing through Thomaston, GA, we saw a war memorial that looked interesting so we stopped for lunch and to explore. It memorializes the Franklin family who had 5 sons who fought in WWII. One was with the 101st and KIA in the Battle of the Bulge. It consists of multiple statues of the Franklin brothers, Gen. George Patton, and a couple of marble slabs. One commemorates the Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, while the other traces the battle trail of the 35th Division in Europe. There are several other marble slabs that contain quotes that had some significance to the Franklins.

After fighting the wind all day, we decided to stop for the night in Americus, GA at the Brickyard Plantation Golf Course and RV Park. This is the second time I’ve stopped a one of these combo sites. Last year I stopped and played golf at one in Lively, CA. This one has an interesting story. The property traces back before the “war between the states.” It’s been owned by the same family for over 7 generations. It occupies about 800 acres of what was a 7,000 acre plantation. Until about 1950, the property still used mules to till the fields. The family grew peanuts, cotton, and wheat. It was quite an operation with its own cotton gin, commissary, blacksmith shop, cane mill, and many brick houses for the farm laborers. In 1977, they dug a pond on the property and during the excavation they found the brick kiln and other artifacts that would indicate there was also a brick factory there, hence the name of the current golf course and RV Park. The pro shop used to be the old mule barn and when they cleared some of the old growth forest on the property they found 5 abandoned moon shine stills and a lot of clay jars. The course has three 9-hole segments with one designed to resemble Old St. Andrews.

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