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Carpe Diem boondocking at RoVers Roost

Pinal Air Park is a commercial airliner "boneyard"

Picasho Peak south of Casa Grande is one of our favorite scenes

Fri, 17 Jan: At "home"...

Today's run was a quick 94 miles from the Pima County Fairgrounds east of Tucson to our "home park" in Casa Grande. We made the run in a tad under two hours including a twelve minute stop for fuel in Eloy. We were on Interstates (10 then 8) for all but 2½ miles of the drive.

We departed Pima at nine sharp after moving the coach to a spot where we could hook up the car. We got to RoVers Roost just before eleven and were warmly greeted by Nancy and Bob, the managers on duty. They offered us a full service spot as ours is currently occupied. We declined, opting rather for a boondock spot that has us in a far corner of the park.

Following lunch we drove to Wally to victual for our two week stay in the desert outside Quartzsite. While we'll be in the desert, we won't be all that far from "civilization". Quartzsite is about seven miles south and has groceries; Parker is some 25 miles north and sports a Wally; and finally, Yuma about 45 miles south not only has a Wally but also a Sams Club. We shan't want...

On the way back from Wally we stopped at Food City to pick up some nice veggies and two pounds of their awesome chorizo. Their spicy variant really suits our tastes. We also picked up a package of their roasted chilis. We have big smiles on our faces...

Happy Hour and dinner at home, then a quiet evening.

Sat, 18 Jan: A busy day...

We were in bed last evening before ten and slept relatively well despite the cold. It dropped to the mid thirties overnite and, because we were running on battery power, we had both furnaces turned off. Sandi was the one who braved the chill about 0630 to turn them back on.

We had a relaxing breakfast and got things cleaned up. We're working on our computers this morning while we have lotsa solar to run the inverter and charge our batteries. We will run some laundry this afternoon, and tend to several chores in preparation for two weeks boondocking. One of the major chores is getting our 45 gallon auxiliary water bladder out, rinsed, and filled.

We plan to depart tomorrow (Sunday) morning for Quartzsite. As usual, please stay tuned!

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