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A cold front arrived yesterday bringing overcast, but the temperature stayed mild. We were surprised that the overcast did not affect the canyon views, as yesterday's photos illustrate. But overnight the cold really arrived bringing extremely gusty winds. There were times when it felt like the motor home would take off and fly away.

So we stayed home and enjoyed the elk that were feeding in the campground. They were outside our window when we awoke and cruised around eating what green stuff they could find for hours. It was fun to watch our fellow campers when they noticed them. One group of little kids spilled out of their trailer in their pajamas; they were so excited. The elk were nonplussed and kept munching.

After dinner the sky clear and the wind lessened, so we headed to the rim for some sunset photos. We wore all our leaving-Illlinois-in-December clothes, but some of our fellow tourists had on shorts and flip flops. Where do they think they are? Arizona?

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