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Street stalls

Spare auto parts!

Shrimp coctail

banana ice cream!

Up at 9:00 and on to the bus. The carnival folks slept most of the trip. Ella and I chatted the whole way. We stopped at a closed café… flies, one toilet that would not flush, a dog with open sores that Ella gave four granola bars to – then back on the bus.

Into Las Tunses and stop for 90 minutes for lunch. Ella and I wander off and find a street food vendor. She gets pork sausage and I get fried fish and we share a shrimp cocktail. All local and no so clean but very tasty. Then we get some banana ice cream – all of this in local pesos.

Beautiful square. I buy Alice a necklace and bracelet at a street vendor. Also buy two cigars for 2 CU – but they were not very good. The AC breaks down in the bus and we stop at a local repair place to see if it can be fixed. Go into a bar and buy water and orange drink. Ella gives a kid some pencils (we brought along quite a few to hand out). Then back on the bus and off to our home stay gathering point. Santiago de Cuba is a big city!

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