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Although the day dawned bright and sunny the drive out of the mountains was fraught with thick fog, which lightened occasionally only to block visibility once again so that it felt like we wouldn't have time to brake if something was stopped in our lane. But once we arrived here in High Point, the sun came out full force and we parked in this almost empty campground right on the lake shore. The internet is so strong here we could stream a movie, something you don't take for granted as a camper.

But we weren't here to watch movies; we were here to go to Furnitureland. This area used to be the locus of furniture manufacture in the US before the Chinese took over. Most of the furniture oriented businesses in the area closed, but Furnitureland is such a fabulous showroom facility, people come here from all over the country and the enormous building keeps expanding. Although I enjoy shopping on the web, photographs just don't cut it when I'm buying something big and expensive like furniture. I need to touch it and envision how it will look in our house and if it will fit in with what's already there. Our taste is very contemporary and the stores where we live have a limited selection of the things we like. Furnitureland is a huge facility and not only has things we like; it pretty much has everything. You could walk your legs off trying to see it all. And the service and support is top notch, something that you value when you are plunking down lots of $$ and hoping your purchase shows up at your home hundreds of miles away. One of the dining room chairs we had purchased last time we were here had a defect and collapsed shortly after it was out of warranty. Furnitureland sent a truck all the way to our home with a new one, no questions asked. That's why we are back.

When we walked in the door the receptionist flagged down the salesman we had worked with last time we were here and Jim did a good job of pretending that he remembered us. As I went through my shopping list, Jim walked and walked and walked with us, getting a sense of what we like and remembering where items of that sort were. When we stopped to peruse fabric selections, someone brought us cookies. The selection of furniture and fabrics was extensive and amazing. A new design center on the second floor the size of a Walmart, is full of fabric samples. When you look at fabric on the internet you never know if the color your computer displays is accurate. Here you can hold it in your hand.

In a few hours we had found three of the four items on my list. After we went to the bargain outlet center without Jim, we found the fourth. Many of the pieces in the bargain center were opulent and over the top and looked like they belonged in a Beverly Hills mansion. We could understand why no one had bought them. But there was so much here that we liked, we could easily have refurnished our entire home. In December when our purchases arrive, our furniture needs may have all been met and we won't need to come back here again. Too bad...

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