Anne & Tom's Turkey Adventure travel blog

Breakfast on the gulet's aft deck

Crewman returns from setting the aft lines to shore

A beautiful morning

Off to the next cove

Relaxing on board

The turquoise coast

On deck

The mast


Aft deck view

Off on our hike


View of the cove

Off to the ruins of Lydea

Resting for a moment in the shade

A spider

Some of the ruins

These are over 3000 years old

Into the valley

A cistern

The water inside the cistern

Bats in the cistern's ceiling

The shepherds' home


One of the women

Part of the flock

A turkey in Turkey!

Little turkeys


Their flower garden


Back to the boat


This little boat takes us back to the gulet

It's time to kayak and swim

Off Tom goes


The water is so clear

Little caves in the cove


You can see the bottom

Back to the boat


We shared 2 kayaks


Amelia tests the water while her grandfather swims to her. It was...

Resting up before dinner

Showing where we are.


Dinner under the stars

A fine night

Breakfast on the aft deck was filled with sunshine. As the boat "sailed" to our next cove, there was plenty of time to capture the wonders of this all teak, hand crafted yacht.

Today we will go ashore and hike to some of the ruins of Ancient Lydea (1200 - 500 BC). The motor on the small boat was fixed and we went to shore in groups of 5 or 6 - the capacity of the boat. The hike was uphill and at first along the shore where we were afforded fantastic views of the cove, our gulet and other vessels that had anchored there overnight. As we headed inland, we saw among the rubble of fallen buildings just a few remaining structures perched on the outcropping of a hill. Descending into a valley, we encountered a operational cistern with a pipe that extended to a nearby shepherds' home. Bats inhabited the ceiling of the cistern and the water was only for the animals on the farm. These people lead a simple life with their flower garden, flock of turkeys, honey jars, and cell phones! The women were gracious to us and offered us a cup of sage tea. The men were off tending the flock. They must live outdoors most of the time, since their house is a single room with a carpeted floor that acts as a living room and a bedroom as well, with great heaps of blankets stacked in the back corner.

The hike back took about 45 minutes and after lunch and a refreshing nap, there was time for swimming and kayaking around the calm cove. In the clear water you could see right to the bottom and the schools of small fish that darted around. Before dinner, our guide outlined the next day's activities and showed us the nautical charts of the area, citing the history of the region from the very earliest of civilization. We had a late dinner and were rocked ever so gently to sleep under clear skies.

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