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Carpe back home at RoVers Roost

On the road again...
This is the transition from US 60 to I...

Back at "The Roost"

Our site from the rear
This is looking south

Inside our shed

Another inside view of our shed

Bob trims a shrub from our shed

Our "landscaping" consists of desert cactii

More cactii.
These are "Barrel Cactii" (Echinocactus)

Loading our Laughlin "stuff" into rental truck

Our "stuff" didn't begin to fill the truck

Sandi's view for 320 miles...

Ready to unload in Casa Grande

Staging "stuff" outside shed

"Stuff" now in our shed

The shed receiving the base color

Bob wields a mean roller

Sandi "finesses" the trim color

All finished!!!

An aerial view of RoVers Roost
Taken 03 March 13

An aerial view of RoVers Roost
Carpe Diem is highlighted and magnified

Our "bush" is flowering
This is a Caesalpinia gilliesii (Yellow Bird of...

Here we are in front of the RoVers Roost sign

Fri, 22 Mar: Time to say goodbye to our fellow "Boomers". Our stay at the Lost Dutchman State Park has come to an end and we must vacate our sites by noon.

The usual bustle of ten rigs getting ready to move filled our area. We started Dinkum for the first time since Sunday and got him hooked up to the coach. Check lists complete we were ready to roll—but not before the obligatory round of SKP Hugs.

Several of us (Smiths, Davilas, and Tarkins) will be returning to RoVers Roost, and the rest will be heading toward other destinations. We also had special hugs for Katy & Gary Smith who were celebrating their anniversary today.

We rolled wheels about half past nine and pretty much repeated our drive from the "Roost" this past Sunday. AZ 88 to US 66 to I 202 loop. We did deviate at this point by taking AZ 87 south which "cut the corner" to I 10. It saved about ten miles, but the tradeoff were the many traffic signals in the "burbs".

We made excellent time, however, and we were in Casa Grande late morning. We filled the diesel tank and then, once at the "Roost", the propane tank. We were settled into our site by noon.

It was a great break from our "routine" and we're glad we did it. We'll most likely keep Carpe in place for a few more weeks. We will, however, be driving the car to Laughlin, NV next week to pick up our "stuff" and move it to our shed.

And, speaking of our shed, per popular demand we're including some pix of the shed and our fabulous landscaping. Be sure to check them out.

Sat, 30 Mar: First of all... A very Happy Passover and Easter to all!

Since returning to Casa Grande last Friday we've been busy little retirees.

Monday was an eventful day as we drove to Costco in Chandler and upgraded our Verizon wireless service. It's been two years since we bought our "smart phones" and Sandi was finally figuring out how to use it. We were offered 4G phones and now Casa Grande has 4G so we thought "why not?" We now have two Motorola Droid Maxx Razor phones that are much faster than our old phones. They also have much more memory, better camera, etc., etc., etc. Only problem is—Sandi can't find anything and when she does find it she doesn't have a clue how to use it... So much for technology simplifying our lives!

On Tuesday, 26 Mar, we drove the car 300 miles to Laughlin, NV where we stayed with Ray & Cathie Bailey. Our "stuff" (defined as those material belongings without which our life has no meaning—yet we haven't opened most of the boxes since we packed them in 2008!) has been in storage in Laughlin. Now that we are leaseholders and have a shed! (defined as a "big whoop"). Hence, it was time to stop paying many hundreds of dollars a year for a storage unit when the shed could do the same job with no additional costs.

So, we drove to Laughlin on Tuesday. Early Wednesday morning we opened our shed, brushed away the detritus of prior Haboobs, and started "organizing" our treasures. Once suitably fit for transit we picked up a 16' Budget truck and loaded same. Our "stuff" didn't even fill the floor (see pix) so we had more than enough room for everything.

Then back to the Bailey's for some geocaching (we found it!) an an early Happy Hour. As is her usual fashion, Cathie cooked us a delish dinner and we tried to stay awake long enough to be sociable. Sandi failed miserably and was snoozing on the couch by eight.

Thursday we again arose earlier than is our wont and were on the road slightly after eight. Bob drove the truck and Sandi followed in Carpe Dinkum. We used our HAM radios (Bob had the handheld in the truck) to keep in touch on UHF so it wasn't too lonely. We returned by way of Lake Havasu City, Parker, Gila Bend so we completely avoided the Phoenix metro area. Lake Havasu City was the largest town we encountered. It was twenty miles further but the hassle factor considerably less. Smart suggestion Baileys.

Friday was another early day as we swept out the shed and unloaded the truck. Bob staged everything in priority and weight order so the least used and/or heaviest items were on the floor in the back. To our delight our shed "swallowed" our goodies (see pix) so we have room for some toys such as a nicer grill and better chairs that we can use when we're "home".

Today we observed the sabbath by sleeping in late and having a lazy morning. We've been mostly computerizing today with scanning our recently arrived mail and other documents a priority. Now we're getting caught up with this Journal.

Mon, 08 Apr: A belated April's Fool Day to all. Where oh where is the year going?

It is starting to warm up here in the desert. We had a relatively quiet week mostly sticking close to home and doing a lot of "puttering" in our "new" shed. On Monday we both had dermatology appointments and we came away with several "barnacles" frozen with that liquid nitrogen gizmo they wield. We looked pretty bad for a few days but we're mostly healed now.

Bob spent a great deal of the week puttering in the shed. Actually, he accomplished a great deal and got all of the stuff on the floor in waterproof containers so, should there be high water (which we don't expect), we'll be covered. He also inventoried most of the stuff so we have a good idea of what's there and where...

Sandi occupied herself with learning all about the new TriMetric 2025RV Battery Monitor we bought. This is a pretty sophisticated device that monitors our house battery system and really lets us know what's happening.

On Thursday Wes from RV Medic came over and installed the battery compartment part. Before he arrived we removed the three batteries and gave the compartment a good cleaning and repainting. The batteries are in excellent condition as they enter their fourth year of service. It helps to take good care of them.

After the installation we had to program the TriMetric so it understood our system. That done we sat back and watched, and watched, and watched—the clouds roll in. Never did get a full charge from the solar system that day...

Friday was a sunny day and the solar system worked perfectly. Meanwhile, time for another project—painting our shed! Before we continue with this narrative, we must remind all that we truly hate to paint, especially Bob. With Sandi leading the charge we got half the shed (the afternoon shady side) done and on Saturday we completed the job. We think it looks great, especially if you stay at least fifty meters away. See the pix and decide for yourself.

It is now Monday and we're hibernating inside the coach with the air conditioning on. Not that it's that hot, but it we're having a Haboob. These are really annoying and the amount of sand and dirt in the air is best left outside closed windows and doors.

Sat, 13 Apr: Almost another full week has elapsed since our last update. We got high winds and even a thunderstorm. The rain did little more than turn the dust deposited by the winds to mud. Both the car and coach were filthy.

Sandi washed the car and did clean the mud from the solar panels. The coach will get washed sometime this coming week. Just need to garner sufficient energy...

We had a "farewell" dinner for the Davilas on Tuesday evening. We were joined by Ken & Joan Tarkin and Francis & JoAnn Jackson. It was our turn to pick the restaurant so we selected Tom's BBQ. Excellent!

On Thursday Sandi had some medico visits at Mayo in Scottsdale. First appointment was a fasting blood draw at 0730, so we set an alarm (gasp!) and hit the road in Dinkum at 0530.

The drive was uneventful and we arrived about 20 minutes early. They took Sandi right away so by 0730 we were breakfasting at the Mayo Cafeteria. Routine check up with the eye doc followed, which included several tests and then our consultation. Both Robin and Dr. Patel were pleased to see us, as we were to see them. You know you've had some major medical issues when you're close friends with the doc and his support team.

Bottom line is that there is no change in Sandi's eyes. At this juncture that is good news. Status quo is our objective.

We left Mayo a bit after ten and tended to some business in Scottsdale. Then lunch at a local Hooters (Sandi does enjoy their hot wings). Back home early afternoon following a long day. We were in bed early and slept in Friday morning.

Fri, 19 Apr: A very busy week, mostly getting ready to leave. Once the wind calmed a bit we washed and waxed the coach and car. Sandi gave the inside a good spring cleaning and we got the shed organized and ready to shut up for the summer.

On Tuesday we took the car in for routine service. It is running very well but there were several service items due at 48,000 miles that we had done. Dinkum is good for another six months before his next service (we hope).

Wednesday our mail arrived so that was a busy day. Despite our best efforts at getting as much as possible online we inevitably end up with quite a bit of scanning and shredding each mail day. This was no exception but that's now behind us. Best of all we were able to use the heavy duty shredder in the clubhouse which made that task easier.

Today Bob is attending a stamp show in Phoenix and Sandi stayed home to get the laundry done and other final chores. Tonite we'll dine with Ken and Joan Tarkin. The Tarkins leave early tomorrow morning for a cruise that will take them around the world. Bon Voyage...

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