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Club Room Christmas Tree

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner

Glenda Presenting 'Camper of the Year' Award to Donette

2014 Officers - Treasurer Ethel, VP Janie, Secretary Donette and President Annette


Today has been a very full day for me so I was up and at ‘em earlier than usual this morning.

First I drove Daisy to my J.O.Y. Fellowship Christmas luncheon at church. (It’s not often that she gets to go to church.) The chef did a bang-up job on the turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. I didn’t stay for the program because I had two more major items on my TO DO list.

Next stop: Johnnie Mac’s Truck and RV Wash at New Braunfels. The full wash, including the roof, plus spray waxing was $70. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get the hand waxing done; they were just too busy. Normally, they want customers to just leave their RV overnight. Of course, I don’t want to do that since I live in mine full time; so I’ll need to call for an appointment and plan to arrive early and stay all day. At least Daisy now looks 100% better.

Since I couldn’t get the hand waxing job done, I had extra time and so arrived at the RV park in San Marcos early in the afternoon. That gave me more time to visit with everyone. We have a first-time visitor, Dena Taylor. She is a jazz singer and has several albums to her credit.

Tonight, instead of our usual Thursday potluck dinner, we just brought our individual meals to the club room. Tomorrow is the big Christmas meal.


Today it has rained or misted off and on all day and has been chilly. Most of us stayed indoors.

At our business meeting this afternoon, we elected the officers for 2014. We also selected the camper of the year for 2013 by secret ballot. I collected the ballots. After the meeting I printed the certificate for the winner, Donette Harpole.

Tonight we had our Christmas potluck dinner. There was ham and turkey and a nice variety of side dishes and desserts. After dinner Val White installed the new officers and I presented the Camper of the Year certificate to Donette.


This has been a frustrating day for me. This morning as I was getting ready, I heard water dripping but couldn’t tell at first where it was coming from. Finally I discovered that the connections at the back of the toilet (the one installed new in August) were loose. I tried to tighten the fittings by hand but couldn’t do it. Then I tried using pliers. Water started gushing out! I hurried outside to turn the faucet off. The water had gotten into everything on the shelves under the sink – even a nearly new roll of tissue – and was pouring out of the bathroom onto the hall carpet. What a mess!! I had to throw away some things

Bruce Woodall came along about that time to give me some water hose insulation which I had bought from him. He tried to repair the problem but didn’t have the needed part. I called Camping World in New Braunfels but they told me they couldn’t get to me until Monday morning. I decided to stay one more night at Canyon Trail RV Resort, instead of spending Sunday night in Camping World’s parking lot. At least here in the RV Resort I will have access to the bathroom in the club house. Ann Poole gave me a gallon of water so I can flush my toilet and brush my teeth without having to traipse over to the club house at night in the cold. What in the world would I do without such good friends?

I mopped up as much water as I could with towels and paper towels. During all this hubbub my clothes were soaked, too. This meant an unplanned trip to the laundry room. At least the weather was dry and sunny.

This afternoon Stuart Whiteside and Donette Harpole delivered our gifts to the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center in San Marcos. We have been doing this for at least ten years, I think.

Tonight we had leftovers for dinner. Everything still tasted good. After dinner Mikail Davenport showed us some slides from his recent trip to Spain. They were very pretty and his narrative was interesting. It made me want to go there for a visit!


This morning I got up early so I could go to the shower before too many people were up and about. Even so, many had left by the time I got to the club room. Ann Poole needed to stay another night because she also has some RV problems. Hers are more serious than mine because her trailer will have to be taken on a flat-bed truck to the repair shop. Larry Jaynes and Annette Dean decided to stay another night, too. This afternoon we all met at Larry’s trailer and played several games of Rummi-Kub.


Route: I-35 S

Total Miles Driven:

Weather Conditions: Chilly, sunny and calm

Road Conditions: Good; no construction (Yea!!)

RV Park: Canyon Trails RV Resort (www.canyontrailrv.com)

Park Conditions: Long, wide level pull-through sites, paved streets and site pads, free Wi-Fi and cable TV, nice large clubroom and laundry, friendly owner

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