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January Birthday Honorees Ruth Stehling, Maxine Lisenbe and Val White

Betty Wendler

Maxine Lisenbe

Annette Dean, Ruth Stehling, Larry Jaynes, Jeanette Lowell and Ron Mann

Donette Harpole, Bruce Woodall, Janie Cummings and Stuart Whiteside Playing 42

Ethel Fitzgerald and Charlie Rose Playing Mexican Train

Nature Trail - Jeanette Lowell

Nature Trail - Tree with 'Face'

Colorado River - Glenda Alexander

Colorado River - Reflections


This morning I stopped at Discount Tires to have them check the tire pressure. Two of them had lost quite a bit of air since last month. I had to wait quite a long time before they could finish. They re-balanced the two tires. They told me that I need to have the extensions replaced. They don’t sell them but said that they could install them for me.

It was 12:30 by the time I left the tire store but I didn’t take time to eat lunch. I ate a little snack after arriving at the RV park in La Grange.

Tonight we had our usual bountiful potluck dinner. Only two of our six birthday people attended. We didn’t have the birthday cake because the butane lighter wouldn’t work to light the candles! We decided to have it tomorrow.


Early this morning we were shocked when Bonnie Dodd was taken by ambulance to the local emergency room. She was suffering from breathing and heart issues. Ann Poole went to the hospital to find out what was needed and to help in whatever way she could. She kept the rest of us informed. Later, Bonnie was air-lifted to a hospital in San Antonio to await a room at another hospital where her cardiologist practices.

Ann Poole retrieved some medicines and night clothes from Bonnie’s motorhome and headed for the hospital in San Antonio. She spent the night at her daughter’s house so she could be available to help Bonnie.

Bonnie has Good Sam Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+) insurance, which paid for the air flight. The policy also covers the cost of delivering her motorhome and car to her home in San Antonio. The fly in the ointment is that they require a doctor’s report before they will move the motorhome and there was a lot of confusion about that issue. They had told our wagon master, Bruce Woodall, that they would have a driver on Saturday morning.

About mid-morning we were very happy to welcome Betty Wendler and Maxine Lisenbe. They both have been absent for several months due to various health issues. Maxine has sold her motorhome but Betty still has her fifth wheel. However, she hasn’t recovered sufficiently from her back surgery to drive long distances, so they came in her car and she and Maxine rented a motel room for tonight.

At our business meeting this afternoon, the park owner Bill, explained to us why he does not allow pigtails (electrical extensions that allow a 30-amp cord to be plugged into a 50-amp receptacle). This is very dangerous because it could “fry” the electrical system in the RV and even start a fire. Even plugging a 50-amp cord into a 30-amp receptacle is too risky, so he does not allow that combination either.

For lunch we ate some leftovers and then had the birthday cake so that Maxine would not miss out. She and Betty needed to leave early this afternoon to return to their homes in Temple and Holland before dark.

Right after lunch Stuart showed a DVD, “ABCs of RVs – Your RV’s Water System” published by Trailer Life magazine. It was very interesting and I learned a lot from it. It included a section on how water tanks are manufactured. Bill even made us some popcorn, just like at the movies.

Tonight we tried a new seafood restaurant, Sealand Seafood. The food and service were very good.


This morning we learned that EA+ wasn’t sending a driver today after all. They said that it would be early next week before they could hire one! We all were wondering what to do since none of us would be at the RV park by then. We were not happy with this situation! Bill very graciously offered Bonnie the option of storing her motorhome at the RV park at no charge. The rub in this case was that there would be no electrical hookup and she didn’t have very much propane. Since she did not know how long she would be in the hospital, there was the danger that all her food would be spoiled if she ran out of propane.

Finally, early in the afternoon, we decided that we would just take charge of the motorhome ourselves. I drove her motorhome with her car in tow and Ann Poole rode with me to direct me to Bonnie’s house. Annette Dean followed us in her car so that Ann and I would have a way back to the RV park. One of Bonnie’s neighbors, who has a key to her house, met us there to unlock the garage door so we could plug the motorhome into an electrical outlet inside the garage. He then helped us unhitch her car. Thank God, everything went smoothly. Ann called Bonnie to let her know and, of course, Bonnie was very relieved.

On the way back to La Grange, we stopped at a nearby Bill Miller Bar-B-Q restaurant for dinner. By this time Ann was exhausted by the two round trips to San Antonio (about 250 miles each time, I think). We arrived back at the RV park around 8:30.


Route: TX 71 E to LaGrange => US 77 S => Cedar Street

Total Miles Driven: 70

Weather Conditions: Warm and dry

Road Conditions: Good; four-lane most of the way

RV Park: Colorado Landing RV Park (www.coloradolanding.com)

Park Conditions: Nice club room, long wide level spaces, free Wi-Fi Internet, very congenial owner

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