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an afternoon at the campground

We’re still living quietly on the Redneck Riviera. The internet in this campground is the best we’ve had all winter and we’re using it to have fun - streaming films from Netflix - and to get chores done. All the app and software updates are downloaded. Ken finished our taxes and I finished my mom’s. Entering the figures into TurboTax didn’t take long, but one came out much better than expected and the other came out much worse. We did a lot of head scratching to figure out why and now the data has been transmitted electronically. It’s so quick and efficient we wonder why we still see people in line at the post office at midnight every April 15.

Getting haircuts was also on the agenda here and we were surprised to discover than there are none of those cut rate franchise places that will take us both on for about $12 each. There were barbers and salons, but Cost Cutters and Great Clips have not found their way here. So we ended up at Walmart where a nice woman with so much nicotine on her breath that she made me feel like I had smoked a pack myself, trimmed what needed to be trimmed.

Because we’re here for two weeks, the longest pause since we left the Rio Grande Valley, we’ve also ordered some things and had them sent here. The campground owners are extremely attentive and deliver the packages to our coach. So now the router for the cellular internet has a new battery and we have some replacement tire monitors that let us know that the pressure is going down before a blowout knocks us off the road. Ken ordered a mount that allows him to put his new Ipad on a tripod. He practiced using the new stop motion photography app on it to make a video of an afternoon at the campground.

Every time an RV departs, the campground owners scurry around raking and blowing the leaves that have gathered on the site. We thought they were just being unusually tidy until they told us that they remove the detritus since it tends to attract snakes, poisonous ones no less. But the only animal life we’ve seen around here is little lizards and water birds, pelicans in particular.

We stayed mostly inside for the 36 hours it took for a parade of thunderstorms to pass by. As usual the forecasters raised the alarm to much higher levels than was appropriate for this area, although we understand that folks further north had much more rain than we did here. The local outlet mall was a great place to spend some time as the clouds moved further east. It’s huge and took us three hours to walk around. When we get home I hope I remember where I tucked the new purchases in the motor home.

But mostly we’re continuing to enjoy the view and the peace and quiet of the place. I was able to read a whole book - 340 pages - in one day, something I always dreamed about when we were still working.

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