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Leaving for Pompeii

A group of buskers entertained us on the train

Arriving in Pompeii

Walking down an ancient street

A portion of the city



Looking in

They covered the brick with plaster to make it look like marbel

A small piece of plaster still sticks to this wall

Typical Roman construction

A wide road


A "mummified" citizen



Inside one of the baths


A rich person's house

Beware of the dog


Three dimensional effect


Mosaic of a famous battle


Lead pipes that carried the water to the houses


Chariot ruts in the pavement


Brick work

A broad street


Truly elegant...

....and delicious

With entertainment

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Mandolin Singer

Entry #10 May 24, 2011

We felt more rested and recovered from our intense week with Classic Journeys after a couple of days in our own "home" in Sorrento. Tom's Spaghetti Bolognese last night was real food and in the smaller quantity we are accustomed to at home.

Sorrento is a perfect location for exploring some of the great places in southern Italy. First on our list is Pompeii. We got up somewhat early and after breakfast walked to the train station in Sorrento to board the 9:30AM train to Pompeii. Of course we boarded the wrong train and almost were locked in (with a lot of other eager passengers) until we were directed to the correct track. There was a group of musicians (buskers) and they entertained each car with their bouncy music.

With the help of a Rick Steves' guidebook, we explored the ruins of the city doomed by the unexpected eruption of Vesuvius. This was a typical Roman town with temples, a forum, baths, and the famous Roman roads. We could see the groves worn in the paving blocks by the chariots. Some mosaics and statues were still intact. Walking in the footsteps of the Romans was really an awe-inspiring experience.

We had made a reservation at the fancy restaurant (L' Antica Trafforia) just up the street from our apartment where we had the best meal of the trip and were entertained by a mandolin playing singer who looked like a character from the "Lord of the Rings!"

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