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The usual chores here with bike cleaning and laundry. A must when there is time. Admit to sleeping in after the super ride through the Rogers pass. The campsite was good but it we had to lug our camp gear a long way from the truck and all facilities were a distance. Good exercise or maybe cross training after the bike ride. I had a loose front wheel bearing that was not a big problem but I wanted a mechanic to look at it as while it was not major it caused some wheel wobble at high speeds and that could cause a crash coming down steep mountain roads. With the Kicking Horse pass coming up tomorrow I wanted the bike in good shape so off to the bike shop. The fellow fixed it in good time but this did take time away from doing this writing. Good meals at good restaurants. At one a nice lady from Newfoundland was fun to visit with. To bed early as tired and an expected tough day tomorrow to climb our last mountain pass.

Notes: Just a couple of things that I wanted to keep track of but didn’t get in previous writings.

The question always comes up about tire problems and repairs. Well I had my first flat on the hard packed road coming from Merritt to Pritchard. I hit a rock and that caused the tube to blow. Quick fixed at road side and off we went.

Terri had the next flat at Salmon Arm. I couldn’t find that problem so just put in a new tube and rode on. We only got a few k’s and the tire went flat again. This time I took off the tire completely and carefully checked it. I found a very fine wire had pierced the tire and was causing the problem. After pulling it out and changing tubes again the problem was solved.

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