London to Sydney 2005 travel blog

Devil's Marbles

Driving to Devil's Marbles

Charlotte and Jane at Tropic of Capricorn (and a car)

Standley's Chasm

Charlotte climbing


We set off early and reached Alice Springs before lunch. A little homework meant that we set off towards a gorge in the hills nearby (yes, I thought that Alice was in the middle of a hot, dusty, flat desert too) where we went for a walk between high red cliffs before having a snack lunch (bacon sandwiches) in the cafe.

Later,we walked in another gorge with a beautiful stream running through it. There was a pool at the end and a pile of rocks where a notice assured us that rock wallabies lived. Unfortunately they only come out when it is cool....

On the way back we stopped off at a wild life park which the Rough Guide says is "not to be missed". It was rather disappointing in that the enclosures were rather small given the free acreage around them in the park. The nocturnal house and the aviary were both special though. We have not met any of the nocturnal creatures but we have been able to identify many of the birds we have seen since having seen them in that aviary.

Back in Alice we went up Anzac Hill to the War Memorial. There we watched a spectacular sunset. The storm clouds which had been threatening all day retreated so that we could see the sun and the clouds themselves were many coloured.

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