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As soon as we turned on the phones this morning when we returned to US cell towers, we got a friendly automated call from Southwest Airlines, telling us that our flight home this afternoon was cancelled due to weather. This was not a total surprise, but disappointing nevertheless. It must be even more disappointing to the folks from Chicago that are trying to come down here to sleep in our cabin tonight. Supposedly we will not be charged for the rebooking, but there was a two hour wait for phone contact with an agent, so we booked online and hope we get our $$$ back. Ken sat with his laptop trying to rebook the flight while I sat with mine looking for a good place to stay tonight. I found a reasonable price for the hotel we stayed in two weeks ago - near the beach and good restaurants, so we'll make the best of it. There's lots to do before Xmas, but at least we don't have to worry about missing work. Best to fly home safely.

We waited poolside at the hotel along with a flock of other Chicago refugees until the rooms were ready. We will be here two nights and got the last seats left on the flight we were able to book. Here's hoping that the road crews have whipped our roads back into drivable condition and we can get our car doors open. It sounded like we had a lot of rain that suddenly froze when the temperatures dropped. It was gorgeous here today, but the meteorologists are whining about cold temps coming. If they only knew...

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