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Mike and I taking pictures of each other.

Ah, now there's a picture of her son's every Mom would cherish.

Olivia zipping down the zip line, with Marilyn, Kaitlyn and Josh in...

Josh getting a lift by my brother Mike.

Grand nephews and nieces: Luke, Kaitlyn, Josh and Olivia.

All the gang at Thanksgiving dinner - minus Mike who is taking...

Looks like a couple of the reindeer got loose!

I think Mike is saying "My wife made me!!".

Ah, the apple(s) of any Mother's eye.

Thanksgiving at Universal City, TX

Today was spent at my brother's house in Universal City, Texas, which is a little NE of San Antonio. This was one of our original major stops in the Great Adventure, and I'm glad I made it. My campground location is about 45 minutes away, so had a little drive to get there. Since it had been some time - like a few years - since I had been to their house, I was basing my exit strategy from the freeway from memory, and only made one small error. Of course, it took me a couple more miles down the freeway, so I turned around and headed for my second exiting option. And yes, I still needed to call for neighborhood directions.

This was the first time in quite awhile that I had been in the presence of my brother and sister-in-law (Mike and Marilyn), both neices and the great-neices and nephews.

The first order of business was watching the kids on the zip line. Not that a good swing or slide would have sufficed, but if I had to guess, I'd say the zip line was the featured event in the back yard!

This was one of the few Thanksgivings where I was the guest and had no part in the preparation - simply an observer and participant. In many ways that was nice. In other ways, my natural tendency is to jump in and help out, especially since Thanksgiving was Melinda's favorite holiday and we were usually the host. But alas, I forced myself to si back and relax.

It's been a bit strange going to other homes and activities by myself these days. Sort of gives me the feeling of being the odd man out, so to speak. However, everyone has been very supportive of my situation.

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