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The road today was very bumpy, and, since I didn't sleep well last night, I almost got car sick for the first time in my life. We stopped and DH went into Subway's for lunch and I just sat with my feet up in the trailer. That, plus the mint ice cream he brought me, calmed my tummy and we made it the rest of the way.

When we got to this park - there were two local (within state) trailers plus their cars taking up three sites. We had a hard time getting in the third site. Would you believe they are now leaving??? Just after we got all set up.

Anyway lots of pretty flowers along the way. Bright gold daisy like flowers - maybe coriopsis? Also lots of white daisies and big purple thistles. At home we used to call them Canadian or Scotch thistles. They were beautiful. One spot had a whole bank of wild roses - the light pink - almost white ones. Wish we could have stopped so I could have taken a walk or at least a picture.

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