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Carpe and "friend" at Grizzly RV Park, West Yellowstone

Carpe Diem (& Dinkum) at W. Yellowstone Grizzly RV Park
Check out Dinkum's...

Carpe Diem with evening rainbow over Yellowstone
Taken from Grizzly RV Park

Yellowstone NP: Upper Yellowstone Falls
Lower Yellowstone Falls can be seen to the...

Yellowstone NP: Lower Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone NP: Virginia River Cascades

Yellowstone NP: Waterfowl near Madison River
As seen through 500mm lens

Yellowstone NP: Bob wielding said "monster lens"

Yellowstone NP: Bison in/near Madison River

Yellowstone NP: Bison near parking area
They were more interested in the grass...

Yellowstone NP: Firehole River

Yellowstone NP: Firehole River

Yellowstone NP: Firehole Falls

Yellowstone NP: Firehole Geyser

Yellowstone NP: Bison Parade
Near Madison River Bison took over the road

Yellowstone NP: Bison Parade
Near Madison River Bison took over the road. Note...

Yellowstone NP: Bison Parade
Near Madison River Bison took over the road

Yellowstone NP: Bison Parade
Near Madison River Bison took over the road

Fri, 04 Jun: An easy 285 mile drive from Ogden to West Yellowstone, Montana. It was mostly Interstate 15 and then well built and graded US 20 from Idaho Falls, Idaho to West Yellowstone. Despite one mountain pass at 7,050' and intermittent rain and drizzle most of the way we made good time and were settled in by three in the afternoon.

It is beautiful up here (we're at 6,800' elevation), but quite cool. Also it has been raining buckets since we got in, and alas the forecast calls for more all weekend. We'll go into Yellowstone tomorrow (after all, isn't that why we're here?) despite the weather.

Sat, 05 Jun: The two intrepid tourists "did" Yellowstone today... At least we made a dent in our visit. Despite a dire weather prognostication, it turned out to be a fine day with dramatic clouds making fanciful shadows in the canyons. We drove the loop road from the West Entrance to Fishing Bridge, then north to Canyon Village, and then west to Norris and finally, back home.

And, to top it off, our most bounteous, munificent, charitable, kindhearted, and altruistic government has decreed this weekend to be free entry—didn't even need our free old age cards (should we feel grateful or cheated???) All of the water features were running full tilt, and there is still lots of snow alongside the road throughout the park. A thoroughly enjoyable day and we look forward to future visits in the coming days.

Mon, 07 Jun: Yesterday's weather was so bad that we stayed home. Rained buckets all day, and home was cozy and warm.

Fortunately, today got a bit nicer midday, so we ventured into the park after lunch. Didn't go very far but did take several side trips and explored new (for us) areas. Bob got into the spirit of wildlife photography and mounted our 500mm lens on the D300 (see pix). He got some very nice shots.

On the way out of the park we encountered a "Bison Parade". Near their grazing area on the banks of the Madison River they took to the road and completely stopped traffic in both directions (see pix). We were off on the shoulder and several passed close enough for us to touch (and smell). The young bison (calves) were fascinating (again, see pix)!

We also saw Bald Eagles, elk, and other critters. But, alas, no bears!!!

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