Brinleys Hit Nicaragua 2010 travel blog

Crocodile Hunter

Doing homework on the chicken boat

Hiking through the jungle

Jaguar print

Here I wake up on the ferry.Now we get off at San Carlos.We ate at a weird restaurant.It was rice and beans and salad and pina´(pineapple) juice.Then we got on a boat and went to El Castillo. Then we got off and found a hotel called hotel tropical. Is nice!! Then we went crocodile/alligator hunting at night. When we went I got to hold a baby Cayman. He caught two small ones and we saw an iguana, lizards things and a thing like a raccoon. It was awesome, cool, fun, amazing. Then we went out for supper. It was good. Then we went home to bed. P.S. Grandma and Dad ate giant shrimp. EWWWWW !!!!!


As i said before i am loving this trip and am sad that there are a only a few days we went to El Castillo in the fast boat which took 1 1/2 hrs.In El Castillo the first thing we did was find a hotel(that was successful).Next,we walked around town and then went on a alligator/crocodile hunt(not sure which).While on the tour we got to see 2 crocodiles(?),some iguanas(spelling?),birds and more lizards. It was really amazing. The guide of the tour was actually quite crazy because he would hang over the front of the boat trying to grab a hold of the crocodiles.


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