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Yes i have now successfully waited a table!

Last night i followed the lead of Paul while he waited on a group of FbI agents on a business trip. Many high status people stay here apparently. Its a very nice, not to fancy, high quality little resort accommodations place. Well run with an attention to integrity. I get good vibes from the owners. Paul is very trusting and fairly laid back, but i have yet to see him pissed off. His wife works very hard and i am already fond of her. Last night she brought me and devon Milky ways as a bed time treat! we are way spoiled. its almost like we are adopted grandchildren. and tomorrow Jenny is taking me to the market in belmopan to shop for some serving outfits!! and hopefully a new hat cause i got none right now. I am taking pictures believe it or not. i have no way of uploading them from here though cause i forgot my usb cord. luckily its possible to plug my picture card into our new laptop and i can upload them that way but its been awhile since i have had time with it.

you will see them eventually so dont get all pissy on me!

anyways, this morning i woke up at 5:36 and started work at 6am sharp. I greeted the Fbi (there is a party of 6) and served them their food without too much mishap. Jenny told me i did a good job so whether or not thats true i think she sees that i have potential. IT aint too hard, just got to get used to their system here. Paul is the designer of it. Says he hasnt ever worked in a restaurant but is proud of his system. says it never fails him. so i guess i can learn alot from him. There is a gorgeous little creek that runs behind the restaurant that is perfect for swimming. beautiful cool clear water and the whole resort gets its water from a nitrate free spring. right from the source. There is also a cave upstream that i have heard about. hopefully i will get to check that out soon!

oh and i saw a crocodile today. chilling in a pool on the golf course. pretty crazeh.

think i might try some snorkling in the creek today! lots of little fishes in there that nibble your toes if you stand still. Its gettin pretty hot and sweaty too, that cold front is long gone. Spent some time in belmopan and like my travel guides say, the town really aint much more than a passing through kinda place. mondays not much happens i guess and the whole downtown area is smaller than a walmart! i was acting as a body guard for the wife of one of the FBI. She adopted me as her daughter for the day and we got out toes done! my first pedi ever, omigawd!! very nice woman who did it too. her name was erica, and she outdid herself with the little designs. my toenails have gold sparkles!! but not too many, its very classy still dontcha know.

devon is in the city today. getting his passport papers straightened out. i think he needs to get some better references. we kind of made some up cause at the time we couldnt really think of any and they DID check them. haha.

WELL thats all for now.

check ya later

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