Florida Keys 2010 travel blog

Our camp at site 35. The ocean is to the photographer's back.

Our nextdoor neighbor, Brutus.

Brutus could shake and give high-5's!

Tom caught a fish! (A puffer)

On the Golden Orb Nature Trail which is named for the Golden...

This is actually a Crab-Like Orb Weaver Spider. All the Golden Orb...

Tom was using his extension tubes to get these remarkable close-ups.



Flowers on the trail

Inside a flower

Anne relaxes on her birthday (Feb. 5)

A cake from Publix (the Wegman's of Florida)

We had a wind-blown rain storm.

Our camp survived. We have a LL Bean woodland shelter.

Early morning moonrise at sunrise.

This was at 6AM.

We returned to Long Key for another 2 weeks. This time in site 35 (we had been in site 23 for the first 2 weeks). The rules say, you can have up to 6 weeks in each park, but they must be separated by at least 2 days. So that's why we went to Curry Hammock between the two stays at Long Key.

While Curry Hammock was nice, all the sites at Long Key are right on the water. We immediately got the kayaks down and had a paddle the next day. Tom found the entrance to the tidal creek that the Golden Orb Trail crosses. However, the water was too high get under the bridge.

It was windy for many of our days here and we only had a couple of chances to get out on the water. BUT on one of those occasions, Tom caught two fish!

Anne finished a weaving on her loom and began two more warps.

Anne celebrated her birthday (Feb. 5) with a chocolate cake from Publix bakery. We have had a relaxing, low-key time here at Long Key.

Next year we need to make reservations, but without a good internet connection, that may be difficult. So, we have a 3 week stay planed at Grassy Key RV (a commercial RV camp) for mid January to Feb 5. We wanted to get into the Big Pine Fishing Camp where the Key Deer are, but they were booked solid.

Next we go to Flamingo in the Everglades and then on to Greg's where we'll see Audrey, Jeremy, Jesse, and Tim. We'll also celebrate 4 February birthdays at Greg's.

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