2009 Wandering Florida Again travel blog

We saw this pair of Eagles on a tree across the canal...

Pair of Eagles

They came back every morning and every afternoon

Sometimes we would only see one Eagle

We enjoyed seeing them every day

A south Florida cow pasture

One last look at the Eagle before we left

We enjoyed our stay at Ortona Lock and Dam so we came back for four more nights. We are at a different site at the end of the campground. After we got everything set up we saw two big birds fly to a tree top across the canal. It was getting dark an at first we thought they were a pair of osprey. Henry looked through the binoculars and thought they were probably eagles. The next day when it was sunny there was no doubt - they were definitely Eagles! We saw one or both every morning and every afternoon. They are spectacular in flight! Really a great treat to be able to see them.

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