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Ron's Wine Ribbons

Ron's Wine & Ron

Ron's Wine - 3 Names, Donnie, Ronnie, & Johnny "Vino Don Rongianni"

Ron Telling About Great Aunt Peppina in Acquaviva Picena, Italy

Bon & Ron - Barrett Canyon Walk

Ron & Bon - Barrett Canyon Walk

Snow White House - Barrett Canyon Walk

Barrett Canyon Walk - Looking Down From Whence We Came - Bon,Bell,&...

Barrett Canyon - Snow White House

Ron Making Lasagna

Ron Making Lasagna

Pasta Sheet Coming Out of Cooling Bowl

Pasta Sheet Newly Placed in Pan

Spreading The Sauce

Putting On The Cheese

Putting on the Cheese

Trimming the Pasta Sheet Before Putting in the Pan

Making Lasagna

Drying the Pasta After Coming Out of the Cool Water

Trimming the Pasta Sheet

Laying The Pasta Sheet in the Pan

Getting Trim Pieces to Fill Sides

Spreading the Sauce

Spreading the Sauce

Putting Unsalted Butter on Top Layer

Unsalted Butter is Last Step

Last Step in Lasagna

Ron & Tim Making Lasagna - Team Photo

Lasagna Group - Ron Tim & Bon

Here to see our longtime friend in the world...from travel, bicycling, B76, and...Ron Mittino!

Three wonderful days...last one making lasagna in Ron's kitchen for his mom's 90th Bday party on the 17th of January!

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