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Seattle sky line

Space Needle

taking a break

We are combining days as we aren't traveling very far(under 80 miles a day). A good thing to, as Miss GPS was confused most of the day. So much to see and do here in the Seattle area.

We parked in a public lot and went to the top of the space needle, what a great view of Seattle.

The Needle was built in 1962 for the Worlds Fair. It's 520' tall with a revolving restaurant one level below the observation deck, revolving 360 deg. every 90 min. and of course, shops down on the ground level.

Upon our return to the camper, we discovered a ticket for non-payment of the parking fee($25). Everything is computerized to pay the fees, no attendants. Since we did have a receipt, and after a couple of phone calls, all was resolved. Went down to the waterfront area for shopping (window shopping)and a bite to eat but couldn't find any parking (can't imagine what a weekend is like down there or with cruise ships in). We continued driving around with Miss GPS and arguing over who was right, it or Linda (between one-way streets, tunnels and bridges, it's a wonder we made it out). We finally arrived at Dan & Shellie's home (Ralph's son & wife) where mail had arrived. We had a great visit and supper with them, then moved on to Marysville WA. for the night. Today, 6/2, found us paying bills, shopping, gasing up, etc. Tonight, we are about 18 miles from the border and plan on crossing over to B.C. tomorrow.

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