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The Corner Restaurant.

Yummy breakfast.

Alfred Hitchpop at Fidalgo Bay.

I am happy with the Internet connection!

Our view from the pop-up.

Alfred is looking a little lonely on the bay.

We loved hearing the loons calling.

The nighttime oil refinery.

Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island. They have really loud jets here.

Steven reviewing his photos.

The zen of dinner preparations.

Yummy Brussles sprouts, our fave!

Dinner was excellent.

Steven is an early riser, but I do not like to get out of my warm bed until I've had coffee. Do you see where I am going with this? Thankfully, making coffee is zen-like, too.

I slept well last night, but it was cold. I don't mind the cold as long as I'm in bed, because I sleep under a pretty heavy down comforter, which I love to pieces. But it is hard to leave the warmth for the cold reality of our unheated pop-up. Once I was up and dressed, I got in Ace Yukon and turned on the butt-warmer. It was still early, 6-ish, but we figured since we were in the car, we'd might as well go for a drive.

We headed in to Anacortes, but found The Corner Bar & Grill restaurant on the way and decided to stop in. The coffee wasn't much to write home about, but the food was excellent. Steven had bacon and eggs, and I had french toast. It was really tasty. As we ate, we decided that we really needed to do something to get Alfred Hitchpop more level. I slept on the outside of the bed, and I woke up feeling as though I had slept in a hole. Later, we realized this had less to do with not being level as it did with Steven forgetting to install the outer bed supports. Oh well, at least I didn't end up on the ground in the middle of the night. That would have been a rather rude awakening!

After breakfast, we headed in to Anacortes looking for a jack so we could lift the trailer up onto blocks. That was about the only idea we could come up with at the moment, so it sounded feasible. Yes, there is a spare tire on the Yukon, and yes, presumably there is a jack to go with it, but that isn't in either of our bailiwicks. We are both repair impaired.

We were happy to find an Ace Hardware store open. We came out with what we thought were jacks, and back to the campsite we drove, happily discussing our plans to hoist the trailer onto our previously purchsed wood blocks. Alas, it was not meant to be. It was not a jack we purchased after all. Whatever it was, there were two of them. And they were meant to set something on, but they lacked the oh-so-important ability to do the actual hoisting part.

On our drive back to the Ace Hardware store, we came upon Fidalgo Bay road. I mentioned to Steven that I thought there was an RV park somewhere in the area. We decided to take a look. We had read about the Fidalgo Bay RV Resort online, so we knew this was a love it or hate it park. There was no middle ground. Once we drove in, we fell squarely into the love it camp. Of course we had already paid-in-full for our reservations at Deception Pass State Park, and we hadn't even discussed moving. But we found ourselves in the office asking about availability. The site we had selected was available for two nights, but we'd have to move for our third night. We thought about it for a nanosecond and said we'll take it!

We felt terribly guilty about spending extra money. But with our Passport America membership, we would pay exactly the same price we had paid for our site at Deception Pass. We found all sorts of justification for the expense, and we were really thrilled with the new site we had just secured. We left and continued to Ace Hardware to return the thingys we purchased, and headed back to pack up the pop-up and move to Fidalgo Bay.

As we turned into the park entrance, the clock read 11:04 a.m. We stopped at the gatehouse and found that the park ranger was still there. She opened her window and we exchanged pleasantries. Then out of nowhere I asked, "do you give refunds?" She asked if we were leaving early, and we said yes. She did not ask us why, but said she could refund our money. Oh my goodness! This day was just getting better and better! We could move without feeling guilty!

By 12:30 p.m., we were set up in our new site by the bay. The part of the park we were in was nearly empty, though there were plenty of folks elsewhere in the park. Bald eagles flew overhead, and common loons called from the water. And, we had Internet service right from our site! This was just perfect. Steven spent the afternoon shooting photos along the beach and trail, and his favorite subject became the oil refineries across the bay. Maybe it's because I'm a Texas gal, but I thought they were beautiful.

We stayed at the campsite for the remainder of the day, enjoying the wildlife and the view, and of course, the Internet connection. The main reasons we decided to move is because I found our first campsite to be somewhat depressing. Given my emotional state over losing Pixel, I needed to be out in the sunshine, around people, with a view. Being in the cold, damp forest wasn't doing it for me.

And then there were those jet airplanes . . .

Steven cooked chicken and Brussels sprouts with bacon for dinner, and we retired early after a long but satisfying day.


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