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I guess it's time to update y'all. We had really hoped to spend our summer at Millersylvania State Park in WA....but, Scotty never did completely recover from the abscess that he developed while we were in British Columbia, Canada. So at the end of July we headed south to California to see our family doctor.

We arrived here on August 5th and spent a couple of weeks at the CalExpo RV Park until we were evicted due to the start of the California State Fair. Fortunately we found a perfect spot to relocate to (in a 55+ mobile home community) and got settled in before Scotty underwent diagnostic tests resulting in outpatient surgery. He is now feeling great and we anticipate that the surgeon will release him to return to WA the first of October.

Even though we will be a week or two late, the ranger at Ft. Ebey State Park, on Whidbey Island, still wants us to report for the volunteer hosting position that we have scheduled for October/November. Although we have really enjoyed our unplanned visit with friends and family back "home", we have had enough of the warm weather and are ready to head to cooler climates.

Now for me....I got hit with two surprises while here. First, I figured that I might as well visit my doctor for routine blood work. She informed me that I now have Type 2 diabetes. Over the past two weeks I have begun taking oral meds (no insulin) and have drastically changed my eating and exercise habits. Of course, Scotty has involuntarily joined me and has actually lost more weight than I!!!

Secondly, I received a summons to report for jury duty tomorrow morning. I am hoping not to be selected for a jury. But, if that happens, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be for a short trial. If I should get picked for a more lengthy trial, Scotty will take the motor home north and I will camp out with friends or family and follow him at a later date.

We certainly didn't anticipate a 1400 mi. round-trip from WA, but such is life on the road!

Kris (& Scotty, too.)

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