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Casa roho

The obelisk

The flight over from Santiago was incredible. We both had window seats (unfortunately not together) so had amazing views out over Santiago and the Andes as we flew across. The giant peak of Aconcagua was like a pinnacle rising out of the clouds. After a 4 hour flight we arrived in Buenos Aires. It is a beautiful city with a European feeling, 18th century architecture surrounded by newer high-rise buildings with plenty of wide sidewalks for strolling. There were many large parks and big trees and is one of the nicest cities we have been to (apart from Sydney of course!).

We found a hostel on the fourth floor of a large old building in the middle of the CBD. It was decent enough and within our budget but being pretty noisy and with ordinary beds we didn´t get much sleep. There were a great selection of restaurants in town and we hadn´t realised how late the Porteno´s (People from B.A) eat dinner. It was common for dinner to start at around 10 or 11 at night so everything was open very late.

It is a passionate city filled with music and tango and there were streets filled with people dancing on the sidewalks. There were many old theatres, hotels and churches remnants of the Spanish influence on the city. Another thing we began to notice in B.A. was the cultural custom of drinking Mate (not pronounced mate but marte). Well it seems like more of an obsession than a custom as all day and night long you would see people walking around with a thermos and mate gourd tucked under their arm. It is a bitter herbal tea that we tried but didn´t really like. Someone we met described the flavour as steeped horse poo but it was a little better than this -not that we have tried the latter and can verify-.

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