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I'm downtown SLC tonight. It's quiet & pretty, mountains from my window; I'm going to go hear the choir in a few minutes. I'm feeling a little stressed about the weather .. it's supposed to snow here on Sat. Looking at the national weather service forecasts, my best bet seems to be to get as far as possible tomorrow .. but there is still the possibility of encountering snow. What to do? Buy snow tires? Stay the winter?

AND my car did the same thing today it did last Sat. The coolant was at the right level when I left this morning, drove all day fine without any symptoms of overheating, then when I stopped in SLC, all the coolant ran out (I think it's coming out the top of resevoir). No time to stop at a Ford dealership. I guess I'll pour more in tomorrow morning. The weather's cool, so I don't think there's any real danger of it overheating .. but why is it doing that??

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