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Brian and I got into Athens yesterday afternoon after a 3 hour train ride from Patra, Greece. The weather here is unbelievable. It is now day 2 in Athens and I have yet to see a cloud in the sky. We went up to the Acropylis yesterday and it was pretty amazing. It was 12 euro for access to everything and I think something you just cant pass up in Greece. The views from up top were unbelievable (see video, but does no justice). I have some other photos that may show better. That is one thing about photos, they are not able to capture the true atmosphere and feel of a place.

It was amazing to think of all of the history that had occurred where I chose to plop down and appreciate my surroundings. I really enjoyed looking out into Athens' port and imagining thousands sailing in, whether for battle or just to deliver goods.

Met a really cool Canadian girl, Jenna, while looking at the Parthenon. After walking around the 3 of us went for a beer before changing locations for a damn good dinner. I had veal in a white wine sauce and lemon. We then took it to another outdoor restaurant for more wine. The head of the restaurant had a huge personality as he entertained us most of our stay. I was able to convince him it was Jenna's b-day, which it was not, and we got free Ouzo shots. Jenna was leaving to go back to Toronto the next day so had splurged on a nice hotel room. We took some beers back to her place. After waking Brian from the dead we made quick time out of a 10 minute walk back to our meager hostel at 4 am.

Tomorrow my mom and uncle arrive in Athens around lunch time. It is going to be great to see them. I havent seen my uncle in quite awhile. My mom is going to bring me some new clothes and some new reading material. I have pretty much destroyed Pat Conroy's 690 page 'Prince of Tides' in about 3-4 days.

My advice to any American male out there is to get your a** to Greece. I have felt like a celebrity since arriving a couple of days ago and the scenery is second to none. Outside of the quite humble accomodations it has been amazing.

Today I would have outperformed any Houdini magic trick by taking a shower at this hostel. In about a 2.5 square foot shower, no shower curtain, one leg on the toilet, and one arm out the window I took a much needed shower after sleeping til nearly noon. The only redeeming quality about the San Remo hostel is the rooftop where I was able to lay out for a couple of hours earlier. Brian and I met a really cool English girl up there who was headed for Rhodes later tonight. Since Brian has to leave on the 14th to head for Rome he decided to try and tag along. I just got back from sending them off and getting some information for my own island hopping. I am not certain that they were going to make the boat, if so it will be exactly two weeks before Brian and I meet back up in Istanbul, Turkey.

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