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Gondola ride at the Venetian

The Venetian-notice bride right lower corner

Italian gelato selection

Notice crosswalks upper right

Mural in The Venetian

Las Vegas @ night


Every cab is "fancy"; lined up @ Caesar's Palace

? Maserati?

Driving across Hoover Dam



Colorado River @ 52 degrees F

The rich and the famous!

Lake Meade NRA on other side of dam

Las Vegas is a BEAUTIFUL city located in the desert with mountains surrounding. The colorscape is subtle hues. It is well landscaped with desert plants, murals, graphics-these are on bridge abutments, freeway walls, buildings,etc. In addition, there are neon signs, plasma screens,and casinos of every design and size.

It seemed to me to be a city focused on the cutting edge of medicine, space engineering, and education. If I were 30 again, the medical career opportunities(places of employment) would be inviting. Three large main hospitals, multiple large imaging centers, orthopedics and sports medicine centers,and theraputic massage caught my eye. There is more than one Institute of Learning offering culinary arts, gaming, art, and massage careers.

Housing is compressed to say the least. Even an upscale home seems cramped; not of the magnitude to which east coast homes are built. The per capita ratio per sq foot seemed 1000 to 1!! People everywhere. The architechtural style is completely southwestern-tiled roofs, solar energy, courtyards, iron gates, decorative iron window treatments(instead of shutters). No grass, just subtle shades of desert rock.

Surprisingly, to me, Las Vegas is full of smog! Advertisements abound SMOG-$19.99. It is there Corky developed some sort of allergy condition aggravating the already dry syndrome we had. Fortunately for me, I'm not as affected. Quarries, mine operations, and construction use water trucks to keep the dust to a mild frenzy.

The RV site is home to Sams Town Casino- a four or five block complex-four full service restaurants, food court, atrium with light,water,& sound show, many shops, beauty salon, bars,an RV complex(100 units) on each end and naturally, three floors of gaming. Wow! There is really no need to leave the place, especially at $25.00 per night. Those of us that are fortunate enough to have a washer & dryer generally wash large items such as king size sheetsn at a laundramat. The RV laundra mat was immaculate and only $1.00 per wash load; $.50 per dryer. It took only $.50 to dry the entire load!

Then, there is the Strip. We went once by daylight, once by nightlight! It is well worth seeing in both lights. Our favorites were The Venetian, Caesers Palace, The Bellagio, and Paris. What magnificent grandeur!! I am afraid there is no way to describe the richness of these places. Part of the beauty is every person fits right in. With the exception of billboards and shows we saw no glamorously seductive women; many strikingly handsome men. I overheard a cocktail waitress answering nosy questions from a guest. She implied no lewdness(for lack of another word) is tolerated. They are always under survaillance; no one is allowed to touch them,etc. She was in the bathroom lounge calling her husband and children.

Disappointly, we saw no glamorous people-thousands of others the same as us-tourists. The only hint of sin was prostitution advertisements. Yes, there were a few on the streets in the less well to do areas. Wedding chapels were located collectively with three weddings in progress as we passed. Limos are everywhere, including hummer limos.

The Las Vegas Jackson Barret auction was in progress. You couldn't get within ten feet of that place. On the streets are the Porche's, Lambroghini's, Farreri's, and dozens of corvettes.

The leur(sp) of the casinos is copious amounts of good and inexpensive foods. We experienced the all time best prime rib ever at Billy Bobs in our complex!! Corky was in heaven. By the way, Mexican food is not what us Easterners know-much better here.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here. Did I mention the excellent customer service, congeniality, etc in this town? Even Wal-Mart was exceptional!

Now, you know, we had to go to Camping World...our frig had a recall; no problems for us; done and gone in 30 minutes at no cost.

As we were leaving town, we said oh, look at the water. Ok, it was a mirage. It was several acres of solar panels at a power plant! Visually, distance is disporportinate, an object in the distance looks like one thing but is something entirely different up close.

Today we are heading over to the Grand Canyon. We have until Nov 1 to bounce around; at that time we will join a host of other snowbirds, staying put in Quartzite, Az for one month. We look forward to socialization(maybe I can organize something-ha!), taking day trips, etc. See you back shortly.

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