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Well, today we went Whitewater rafting. We got collected from the campground at about 10 and then taken to the whitewater site about 1 hour 20 mins downstream. The weather was snow and rain, so we were a bit cold and nervous about getting really wet. They greeted us at the site with a buffalo burger and kitted us out in wetsuits and the like, which was 'constricting to say the least'. We did have fleeces and splash tops on which took the worst of the weather.

Basically - it was awesome - we got soaked numerous times, thrown across the boat, and trapped up against rocks, and it was great fun. Our raft guide was the first to get trapped and regretted it as he was clearly going to get a lot of stick from the other guides when he got back, until we saw that every other raft got stuck at some point. At the end he said that he'd never quite seen the river like that which is a bit worrying, but apparantly it was the best September he'd seen in 6 seasons. It lasted about an hour, and then we got changed.

By the time we had driven back, this had taken most of the day so we went back to the campsite for dinner.

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